/Paddle Challenge – boost your paddle power
Paddle Challenge

Paddle Challenge – boost your paddle power

In this Paddle Challenge we will boost your paddle power for long paddling  & surf sessions and powerful paddling sprints.

Paddeln Muskeln

Live Surf-Workouts with Ramona

During the challenge, Ramona gives a daily live surf workout with a focus on paddling. HIIT, yoga, mobility, regeneration, everything that makes you paddle better.

Mental- and Mindset training with Kim

Kim will show you how to get out of your comfort into your growth zone. Her mental and mindset sessions are intense, and they will definitely take your surfing to the next level.

Paddle Theory & Tipps

What is the most effective paddling technique and how does it work? Where is your best position on a surfboard and in the line up?  Look forward to exciting input in our paddle theory.

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Membership Area

All content is permanently available to you in your personal member area. You can repeat the course over and over again.

The Success Factors:

Effective Paddling Technique

With the right paddling technique, paddling will be much easier for you, plus you are not getting tired so quickly. You will enjoy longer surf sessions, because you know how to use your strength more efficiently.

With the wrong technique, on the other hand, your muscles will get tired faster and will need longer to fully recover. In the worst case, bad paddle technique will cause pain in your back and shoulders and you will have to take an involuntary break.

Functional Surf Workouts

Paddling on a surfboard requires strength, stability, and practice. In our Paddle Challenge we’ll train strength, endurance and mobility for you to enjoy longer sessions, more waves and faster regeneration.

In addition to our functional HIIT surf workouts, you can also expect yoga and mobility sessions and regeneration techniques that will help you relax your muscles better after an exhausting paddling session and at the same time boost your fitness level.

Mental & Mindset Training

Mental strength is a key aspect of successful surfing. How often do we stand in our own way and fail to reach our full potential because of fear and limiting beliefs? Mindset Training can help you to overcome your mindfck and be a better surfer.

Tools & Tipps

We’ll share with you our best tools and tips for a successful challenge and best results in the line-up.

Paddle longer, harder, stronger

In the Paddle Challenge

you will learn …

how to paddle more efficiently with the right paddling technique

…which exercises and routines are the best to improve your paddling and your posture on the surfboard!  

how to increase your range-of-motion to reduce the risk of injury and overload. 

how to paddle powerfully into the wave and how to best position yourself on the wave. 

how to best build strength, power and endurance to surf longer and move better in the water!

how to be more focused, overcome fears and limiting beliefs to become a better surfer.

We guide you through the Paddle Challenge

I’m Kim. For over six years, I’ve been helping surfers overcome the mental hurdles of surfing. The biggest and most common challenges are fear and lack of self-confidence in the line-up. Bad experiences and surf accidents also leave traces of anxiety in many people.

But surfing is so beautiful, and even more beautiful when you can enjoy surfing and get the most out of it! I love to see when a surfer tells me about her progress after the coaching, joy radiating from her face.

As a professional sports mental trainer and hypnosis coach, I’ll show you how to manage your fear, find courage, gain a commitment mindset and build self-confidence in the line-up.

I support you in stepping out of your comfort zone into your learning zone. Because that’s where „the magic happens“ and you can develop as a surfer.

Paddle Challenge Surfen Surfmentaltraining

Hi! My name is Ramona. As a surf fitness coach, sports mental trainer, yoga & Qi Gong teacher, Breathwork Facilitator and surf instructor (in education) for me it’s not just about physical training, but about surf fitness on all levels.

With my holistic approach, I prepare landlocked surfer for their next surf trip with

Body :: surf-specific fitness training,
Mind :: Knowledge, Mindset and Sports Mental Training &
Soul :: deep love and respect for the sport of surfing and the ocean.

I can help you to build a foundation that enables you to be physically and mindset-wise fit to have fun – on the surfboard, but also in life. With Surf Fitness Online I have created a platform for enthusiastic and ambitious surfers, for whom surfing is more than just cool photos for Insta. For those who realized that surfing is pure love. A loving collaboration with the sea and nature. Surfing connects body, heart and mind with the endless expanse of the ocean.

Why a Paddle Challenge?

All surfers need a bit more paddling power, right? Because paddling and surfing belong together. We paddle to get to the line up. We paddle for waves. We paddle so as not to be helplessly exposed to currents and other dangers. We spend about 60 to 85% of the surf session paddling.

But: what looks like a seemingly effortless process for pros with the right paddling technique will be pure agony for beginners and occasional surfers. This is exactly why we have created this challenge.

With workouts, mobility, mental training, technique drills and tips, you will effortlessly paddle into the line up and into the waves on your next surf trip.


What will I get in the Paddle Challenge?

You get:

  • 5 surf specific workouts to improve your paddling
  • 5 surf mental training sessions
  • 5 video lessons on paddling technique, wave selection and more
  • Access to your personal member area, where you have access to all content permanently.
  • Our best tips for paddling
  • Bonus surprise content.
What happens after signing up?

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How long do I have access to the content?

You will have guaranteed access for a minimum of 1 year. Afterward, you can keep your access as long as we will offer this product.

Can I do the challenge later?

Of course, you can do the course when it suits you. The content is permanently available to you in your personal member area. However, attending live will give you the opportunity to interact with us and other members, ask questions and have an overall better experience.

Is there a return policy?

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