/Your bright path to self-love!

Your bright path to self-love!

Your bright path to self-love!

Experience the knowledge of the Pleiades for your path to self-love through the loving manner of Pavlina Klemm.

Because you came to this planet with the task of finding your lost self-love again.

In 9 lessons you will be wonderfully guided to love  love for your soul, love for your spirit and love for your body.

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The lessons of the online course

You are Love!

You will find that love is the most powerful and beautiful thing we have within us.

You will find that you live self-love when the opinions of others cannot affect you, because then you know and understand that you are perfect – exactly as you are.

Find out in this online course:

Online course with Pavlina Klemm - self-love

»With each passing day you will love yourself more and more. And this love for yourself reinforces the love for others.

Divine love permeates your entire system and your entire reality.«

Self-love online course Pavlina Klemm

With PDF workbook for download

PDF workbook Pavlina Klemm - self-love

Activate the SELF-LOVE within you now!

Pavlina Klemm self-love online course

Pavlina Klemm

Even as a small child, Pavlina had contact with the world of light, and as a young adult it was absolutely clear to her what direction her life path would one day take. By working with the healing universal energy, she not only developed healing abilities, but also increased her connection to the world of light and the angelic realm. Thanks to this connection, she now sees it as her greatest task to pass on information about universal laws and cosmic developments. One of the results of her channeling contacts with the Pleiadian civilization and her healing work is this online course with the key to self-love.

In the seminars and workshops that Pavlina regularly holds throughout German-speaking countries and in the Czech Republic, the participants are always carefully supported in the spiritual development of their personality. Pavlina not only uses her training as a life energy consultant according to Körbler and Reconnective Healing Practitioner according to Eric Pearl, but also her training from Andrew Blake in quantum healing and as a medium of the spiritual world from Doreen Virtue.

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Participant opinions about the work of Pavlina Klemm

Take advantage of the special price now!

Online course with Pavlina Klemm - self-love

Online course

The Pleiadians accompany you to your self-love



  •  9 lessons
  •  Over 7 hours of running time!
  •  Incl. PDF workbook (60 pages)
  •  App access for mobile use
  •  All content as audio download
  •  Channeled knowledge of the Pleiadians


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