/Water- How much of water is too much for our body

Water- How much of water is too much for our body

There are many articles out there that advocate that drinking water is the most vital to staying healthy.

-If you want glowy and fresh looking skin,

-if you want to lose weight,

-if you want to stay young-drink lots of water

Well, in case of Water-how much is too much?

We all drink water to quench our thirsts and stay hydrated. But, there are people out there who actually drink lots of water-based purely on recommendations. If you are a model, people will be throwing advises on you.

– Drink lemon flavored water all day to smell and feel fresh.

-Drink cinnamon water to resist urges to eating junk food etc

Let’s understand how much  is good for the system and how much is not.

Are you over hydrated? Yes, overhydration is as dangerous to health and dehydration. Due to over drinking of this liquid one can get a seizure, fall into a coma and possibly die. Read on to understand how we tend to over drink  and who should actually be drinking like a camel.water

You should know that it’s not only water that hydrates our body. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits that hydrate our body as well. So, if you are drinking lots of this content, but also eating these refreshing vegetables and fruits, your chances of over hydration are quite high.

Ways we over hydrate-

–    Do you always carry a bottle with you? Well, it is actually the best habit to carry your own sustainable water bottle. But concern arises when you quickly refill your self as soon as it gets over. This constant habit of slurping water can deplete the sodium in your body. Sodium is important for the proper functioning of major organs. Low sodium will cause the cells to swell up and our brain is made up of million such cells. Swelling of the brain is not a good indicator of health.

–    Drinking even if not thirsty- Ok, so you are on a diet and you are drinking  due to it. But, did you notice if you are actually thirsty? Thirst is the best indicator of dehydration. If you are thirsty only then should you drink. Believe in your body’s programming system.

–    Are you drinking water to have clear urine? The color of urine should be transparent yellow or straw colored. Urine with no color indicates you are over consuming it. Slightly pigmented urine is what you should be seeing. Your height, weight, and exercise warrant the amount of water you be drinking. By this you understand how much water is too much. Clear urine means you are well hydrated.

–    Frequent urination at night- Doctors advice to drink water atleast 2 hours before bedtime. This gives the kidney time to filter water throughout the body and you will urinate before sleeping. This serves two purposes, one being getting good sleeping without having to wake up to urinate in the middle of the night and second is avoiding over hydration at night. It’s normal to urinate 6 to 8 times through the day but more than two times during the night is concerning.

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