/Corona Virus-Symptoms and Different Levels of Testing

Corona Virus-Symptoms and Different Levels of Testing

Corona Virus is a virus growing in today’s world. It is announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). It originally started out from Wuhan, China and spread all across the world. This particular virus has killed many and the highest in China and Italy.

What are the precautions a layman can take?

1)     Maintain social distancing with everyone.

2)     The best solution is to quarantine.

3)     Wash hands with alcoholic sanitizers, keep a small one with themselves, especially when going out.

4)     When a person is a home from outside, or even if staying at home ensure to wash hands regularly with warm water and soap or handwash.

5)     Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth when out.

6)     Practice respiratory hygiene

What are the Corona Virus – Symptoms,Different Levels of Testing:

The symptoms may appear within 2-14 days after acquiring the virus,

1)     Fever

2)     Running nose, with dry cough

3)     Breathing problems

4)     Pain in the chest

5)     Change of color on the face and lips turns blue.

6)     A strong feeling of unable to be waking up.


What are the testing facilities available for Corona Virus?

1)     The PCR tests, it was started after 2 weeks of COVID-19, they take samples from a person’s nose and throat to test if they are positive or negative for COVID-19.

2)     There are other methods that are not much known to the public.


Treatment of COVID-19:

As of now, there aren’t any specific treatments announced by any country’s government, they are treated normally by fever medications and antibiotics, some people recover on their own, it is treated like a normal fever and virus attack on the human body, they give antibiotics for throat pain, cough, etc. it all depends on the person’s immunity system, how strong it is. The stronger the immunity system, the faster the body fights the virus, and sets the person free, the weaker the immunity system, the person is more at risk.

How does it spread?

COVID-19, maybe like a fever, but spreads from person to person sooner than how a normal fever spreads, any human contact, and COVID-19 gets positive in many people. Social contact, staying in and around an affected person, from droplets of sneezing and coughing falling on oneself from other people are some ways how COVID 19 can spread easily and quickly.There is no age limit for this virus to attack the mankind.

How is at utmost risk?

As COVID-19 is spreading very quickly and is moving in a faster pace, it is affecting various generations of people very differently. The higher risk is possessed by small children and the older generation. People with heart diseases, diabetes, sugar Blood pressure issues also find it hard recovering from this virus. These people have a lot of weaker immunity than youths and youngsters with no health issues. So, the risk is high and that is why it is a pandemic.These virus cases are rising

These are some basic information about the new virus, which is affecting many people and costing some lives. It seems to be a very dangerous virus, attacking people in a gif.

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