/Junk food in your fridge-Tips to get rid it
junk food in your fridge

Junk food in your fridge-Tips to get rid it

Many of us have the habit of munching and munching and munching…..partly because of boredom and partly because we love to eat. But, how much of what we eat is actually beneficial for our well being? It is rightly said that our body is our temple. Here you will read about tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge.

Why the fridge? The ready to eat foods which are high on carbs, sugar, transfat are usually stored securely in the fridge so that’s where we will start our healthy journey from.

Let’s review the 8 worst foods first that you should immediately stop consuming-

  1. Mayonnaise- Yum! Yes but no! Quit eating this right now as it works best only as a hair conditioner and nothing else. One cup of mayonnaise has 360 calories and we need 2000 calories per day. Switch to flavored light mayonnaise options as they have fewer calories and are healthier.
  2. Sodas- Yes these bubblies are the junk food in your fridge that needs to go. No matter how sparkly they appear but they are not beneficial to our health. They have too much sugar and are carbonated which is really bad for the teeth, digestive system and overall health.Food-Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge
  3. Alcohols- Think liver whenever you think alcohol. Our liver is the main agent in our body that helps it detoxify and if it is compromised think about the toxins that are going to build up. Fatty liver is of no use to anyone.
  4. Processed meats- Your deli must be delivering meats of finest cuts which are processed. But, do you know the ingredients that make up these delicious lunch meats? Processed meats are high in fat, sodium and have nitrates which are preservatives. Opt for fresh meat cuts or roasted meats which have no added preservatives or sodium. You have the option of getting rid of the junk food in the fridge before it enters within you.
  5. Whole milk- Milk is good for health but an excess of anything is harmful. Whole milk contains cholesterol and fat and consumption of just 16 ounces of whole milk means ingesting 1,904 calories. Low-fat options are available in milk and cheese including cottage cheese and cream cheese.
  6. Salad dressings- Think diet and automatically we think salads. But, do you like eating salads which are just plain vegetables. A dressing will add the much-needed taste to make the salad eatable. Dressings can be rich and creamy but what is the use of eating them if they are high in calories. Ditch these cream cheese dressings and chose vinaigrettes dressings that are made using olive oil as a base. There is nothing like a healthy junk. Clean out the fridge and replace unhealthy with healthy.
  7. Margarine- This wonderful ingredient that makes fried chicken succulent and juicy is rich saturated fat. One tablespoon of margarine contains 1.5 grams of Transfat and 2 grams of saturated fats both of which are harmful to the body. Options like olive oil, canola oil are available that have smart fat in them. These smart fats contribute to the wellbeing of the body.
  8. Frozen food- Potatoes are healthy and fat-free but when fried they absorb the oil and get unhealthy due to the fats. One can enjoy potatoes in a baked and roasted form which actually contribute towards the nutrition without excess sodium or saturated fats.

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