/Popular Goan dishes you must try and enjoy
Popular Goan dishes

Popular Goan dishes you must try and enjoy

What is Goa known for apart from its beaches and parties? It is food! Yes, Goan food is very famous all over India as well as abroad. Rice and fish curry is the staple food of Goa and involves a lot of spices. Coconut, meat, fish and their special Kokum spice are widely used in many recipes. Know more about Goa and its food by reading the list of 10 popular Goan dishes you must try given below.

  1. Goan Fish Curry (Xitti Kodi)- This dish is like the everyday meal of Goa. The dish is loaded with spices and coconut. During the mango season, raw mango also makes an appearance in the dish to give it a tangy twist. Pomfret or kingfish is used in this dish.
  2. Shark Ambot tik- This is inspired by the Portuguese. It has both spice and sour elements to it and the Goan spice Kokum is used in this dish. Kashmiri red chilies are the prerequisite in this dish and should be replaced if you want the authentic Shark Ambot tik taste purely Goan style.Popular Goan dishes
  3. Chicken Xacuti- This dish too is heavily inspired by the Portuguese. It has a unique blend of poppy seeds, Kashmiri chilies, baby potatoes, coconuts, onions, and other Goan spices. The chili powder used gives the curry a distinct heat and red color.
  4. Sorpotel- Also called as Sarapatel, this dish calls for the use of mutton or beef liver. Soro roughly translates as liquor in Konkani and some people actually add alcohol to cook the liver through. The meat of the liver is parboiled and the melted fat is fried which gives the dish a smokey aroma. This famous dish of Goa is basically a breakfast favorite but can be consumed at any time of the day.
  5. Chicken Cafreal- The base of this Goan chicken curry is the green spice paste made using coriander, green, and other Goan spice preferences. It is not too hot but the herbs add a distant flavor to the dish. Served with rice, the only other thing needed is the salad.
  6. Samarachi Kodi- This dish is a monsoon favorite in Goa. Prawns are cooked in the gravy of coconut, tomatoes, and tamarind hence has a tangy taste. It is basically a dry curry but can be given more texture depending on preference. Tastes best with hot rice
  7. Recheado- an excellent example of typical rich Goan food is the Recheado. It is a Portuguese influence but is symbolic to Goa. The entire fish is fried and the surprise element here is the fish is stuffed with onion and tangy masalas. Recheado tastes best with warn Goan bread.
  8. Goan Khatkhate- For a change, this dish does not require fish but only vegetables. It is basically a traditional vegetable stew with coconut paste gravy. Carrots, drum sticks, green beans, and potatoes are mostly used. It is loaded with heat from the spices and the Kashmiri red chilies used.
  9. Bebinca- Goa has its fair share of sweet dishes as well and Bebinca is certainly a favorite. It an unusual multilayered cake made using coconut milk, flour, sugar, and eggs. It is the most popular sweet dish of Goa. Only caramelized sugar is used in this dish to give it a rich taste.
  10. Patolea- Another popular Goan dishes ,sweet delicacy from Goa which uses a traditional cooking approach. Red rice is used here which is spread on tamarind leaves and folded. The folded pouch is then filled with jaggery, coconut and cardamom mix and steamed. It is usually served during tea.

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