/Ooty-hill station and is a popular summer destination

Ooty-hill station and is a popular summer destination

Ooty is a beautiful hill station and is a popular summer destination. This ghat road filled hill station is a major tourist attraction for its picturesque tourist destinations and climate conditions. You will find that apart from the eye-catching sceneries, the people of Ooty are charming in nature as well.

Here are the top 10 destinations to visit in Ooty

1. Ooty Lake: Encompassed in the Nilgiri hills, Ooty lake is surrounded with the greenery of eucalyptus trees and is picture perfect for photography. The boat ride on this lake is very famous.It is said that during the peak winter months the soldiers of the Indian army that camp in Ooty come down to the lake to exercise in its freezing waters.

2. Nilgiri Mountain Railway: To have an Ooty experience, in a nutshell, a train ride sounds like the perfect way to do it. The 5-hour long journey in this seems-like toy train is just enough to know what the place has to offer and pick out your favorites places in Ooty to visit first.Top 10 places to visit in Ooty

3. Ooty Rose Garden: Imagine a vast place filled with rose flowers as far as the eye can see. The Ooty Rose Garden is filled with 2000 species of rose flowers. A flower show is organized every year during the summer. Visitors can get a sapling or a rose bouquet from here as a souvenir.

4. Emerald Lake: Emerald lake is surrounded by coffee plantations and is the best to take a moment and dive into the beauty of solitude. Inspiration in itself, Emerald Lake is filled with native birds and is great for bird watching, fishing and mountain biking.

5. Kalhatti Falls: Kalhatti Falls is one of the major sources of drinking water. Many visitors wait for hours to catch the spectacular view of the waterfall and elephants who come to drinking water.

6. Kamraj Sagar Lake: This dam has been featured in a lot of Indian feature films. The scenic beauty here is just breathtaking. The best place to fish is right here at this lake.

7. Annamalai Temple: Within the circle of tea estates and silver oak trees, this Annamalai Temple is famous for the rituals performed. Considered as the 7th Hill House of the Lord Murugan, this temple is festive and cheerful always. Apart from fun and relaxation, add spiritual awakening also in your list when it comes to things to do while visiting Ooty.

8. Doddabetta Peak: Doddabetta Peak is the highest peak in Nilgiri Hills. The viewpoint of this place covers the entire Nilgiri hills that are simply breathtaking. It is said that one could see up until Mysore on a clear day from this point. Another clear reason for visiting Ooty an d enjoying its views.

9. Droog Fort: Droog Fort was once a military outpost used by Tippu Sultan as per the folklore and now only a wall of the ruins are still standing. An interesting fact is Droog Fort is also called as Bakasura Malai that is associated with the demon who is famous for food, Bakasura.

10. Bison Valley: Bison Valley is named so due to densely populated Indian bison in this area. Bird watching, trekking, and biking are the most favorite activities to do.

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