/Darjeeling-Top 10 places to visit in the hill station

Darjeeling-Top 10 places to visit in the hill station

Known for the ever famous black tea, Darjeeling is still a favorite hill station to travel to as a summer resort for people. Apart from sprawling acres of tea estates and lavish resorts, Darjeeling is a nature heaven. Ride along with hair bend roads to enjoy the lavish sights Darjeeling has to offer. The list below is all about the top 10 places to visit in Darjeeling.

1 Ropeway: Ropeway is the best method to watch the exquisite landscape of the Darjeeling that is encompassed within snow-capped mountains, sliding tea estates and bird’s eye view of the valley through this cable car circuit.

2. Batasia loop: As a thrill ride, at Batista loop, the famous toy train takes an inverted turn of 360 degrees in this spiral railway tracks. It covers and descends a whopping 1,000 ft. by the time it completes the Batasia loop.

3. Nightingale Park: Earlier called as ‘The Shruberry’ this was private property, but is now a renovated park now contains a humongous statue of the deity Lord Shiva. The addition of the musical fountain is a cherry on top. This park is known for its scenic beauty and symphony and considered as the artistic heritage of Darjeeling.Darjeeling

4. Barbotey Garden: This rock garden actually contains benches that are rock cut on different levels. This is a pristine location for nature lovers as it is surrounded by tea estates, flower gardens, and a serene lake. This is a very famous tourist spot in Darjeeling.

5. Singalila National Park: The Singalila National Park is famous among adventure seekers. It is well known for trekking and adventure sports. The backdrop of the mountains is the added value of this National Park.

6. Water Rafting: One of the exciting things to do in Darjeeling is water rafting on the Teesta River. The people seeking adventurous water sports are never disappointed in white water rafting here. Darjeeling feeds the adventurous heart as well as nourishes the nature seeking soul.

7. Happy Valley Tea Estate: Ranking as the second oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, a tourist can actually see the functioning and processing of tea in this tea estate. This fragrant factory produces many varieties of tea powder and allows its visitors to take the knowledge of tea production with them.

8. Monasteries: Monasteries play a big role in the culture and heritage of Darjeeling. To understand the people and culture better, these age-old monasteries tell a colorful history of the place and are the best place to find souvenirs.

9. Bengal Natural History Museum: Bengal Natural History Museum exhibits more than 4000 specimens of native flora and fauna of Darjeeling. They are found at the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. It is a colorful display of the roots of the indigenous locals. Museums can get boring but not this one. This natural history museum gives us glimpse of life which had been once roamed in that place.

10. Toy train: One cannot say that they have truly enjoyed Darjeeling without taking a joy ride in the toy train at Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. This toy train journey is like Darjeeling in a box. This slow-paced ride flaunts the jewels of this place. You can see the vegetable markets that are set up alongside the tracks of the train and feast your eyes to the beautiful fresh vegetables on display.

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