/How to overcome stress and depression-in daily life
How to overcome stress and depression?

How to overcome stress and depression-in daily life

Our busy and competing lives often lead to stress. Not only is competition the main reason but also emotional instability that makes an individual sad. Loss of a person, helplessness in a situation or disappointment in a relationship is few among others many that may lead to a stressful mind. Stress leads to various health problems but Depression tops the list and is counted as a serious medical condition.Then how to overcome stress and depression?

Depression is a condition wherein an individual starts feeling upset ,lacks interest in activities and likes to be alone engrossed thinking of the bad past time.This makes an individual feel less able and difficulty in maintaining  healthy habits. A depressive individual starts binge eating, consuming alcohol and sleeps for less or extra hours to escape the reality.

There are methods apart from medication to be followed to overcome stress and depression.

ü Restart yourself: Involve in practising yoga,dance or something that makes you happy, try to physically active and feel tired in a healthy way.

ü Limit alcohol or caffeine consumption: Donot sit ideal to feel the urge of consuming alcohol or any beverage as this may trigger panic attack.How to overcome stress and depression?

ü Be humorous: Surround yourself with people around and always welcome humour. A laugh that reaches the heart and hurts the jaws goes a long way.

ü Face the reality being optimistic: Nothing is more important or hurting than losing yourself(have perspective), is the situation really uncontrollable?

ü Participation: Try to volunteer and try out new things that you haven’t tried before.

ü Eat healthy:Have a good balanced diet , keep the plate colourful and try to be creative.

ü Hobby: Revive an old hobby or develop a new interest like gardening, painting, designing clothes or making new out of old…remember whatever you do to express your creativity is beautiful.

ü  Connect: Try to connect with old friends or family and discuss a few good memories, meet them if possible…..reliving old and good times is the best therapy, gives hope that the time will pass.


ü Meet up: Join a new gym or a sports clubs and meet new people make friends or set a dinner date.

ü Get out of bed: when depressed getting out of bed seems like a daunting task but get yourself out walk or jog around for minimum 30 minutes.

Seeking for professional help comes much later when you realize that you are unable to cope or do anything that brings in happiness. Adapting a healthy lifestyle goes a long way and is the ultimate solution to depression. Stress is something every individual happens to come in terms with age.

Remember, if you can’t learn to overcome your stress and depression then these might lead to more troubles. Most of the times, people struggling with any kind of depression or stress develop other health conditions that might deteriorate the health. Therefore, it is crucial that you should learn to be happy and come out of the sphere of depression or stress.