/Maggi recipes-gaining the momentum among youth
Maggi recipes

Maggi recipes-gaining the momentum among youth

Maggi noodles have become one of the staple foods in households all over the world. Even a person who never stepped into the kitchen is aware of the basic idea of how to cook Maggi. Most probably, Maggi  recipes are the first dish many might claim to be their first experiment in the kitchen.

Preparing Maggi does not require much skill but the art to cook various types of Maggi noodles is gaining momentum among youth. They even name for their Maggi experiments like Pahado wali Maggi (The mountain Maggi), the midnight Maggi, etc

Here is a list of unique recipes that makes your time with Maggi most flavourful and memorable receipes.

1.Maggi with Chicken: Who knew leftover chicken might give the basic Maggi an elevated flavor. Prepare Maggi as per the instructions that are given at the back and then add little pieces of leftover chicken.  You could try this with any other meat too.

2.Maggi with Prawns: Other than leftover meat, as a noodle sauce try sautéing prawns with some ginger, garlic,  and onions and then add them to your Maggi as a delicious sauce.Maggi recipes

3.Maggi Sandwich: Combining Italian flavors in Maggi, prepare Maggi as pasta with proper seasoning and  then spread that over a toast and viola, your sandwich is ready.

4.Maggi Fritters: Do you like your Maggi crunchy? Why not! After preparing Maggi in a basic way and letting it cool down, add corn flour, a pinch of salt and herbs to your liking and deep fry them to get Maggi fritters.

5.Maggi patty: Take the basic Maggi and combine it with gram flour, semolina, and ginger and garlic paste to  make a patty. Slowly cook those patties in oil and enjoy them in a burger or just like that which gives a perfect taste.

6.Baked Cheese Maggi: With the seasoning you want, just half cook the Maggi and place it on a parchment paper and garnish it with cheese. Bake it for few minutes until the cheese melts and forms a brown crust.

7.Maggi with Vegetables: To enjoy Maggi, cooking is not the only option. Break the noodles into small pieces and ass them to your choicest salad for that extra crunchy texture and Maggi flavor.

8.Maggi with just seasoning: Cook Maggi like plain old noodles (without masala). Prepare the seasoning by adding water and oil to caramelized sugar. Add Maggi and any seasonal fruit syrup and refrigerate. Serve cold as a desert.

9.Maggi Poha: Blanch Maggi without the masala until half cooked and in a separate pan prepare tempering of spices (tadka) of your choice. sautee Maggi in the spices along with the masala.

10.Pahado wali Maggi: Now, nothing spectacular about this Maggi receipe but you will need only the clear mountain water to prepare it. Yea, nothing spectacular right! People who have eaten this Maggie have said that due to mountain water, the taste of Maggi is refreshingly unique and not like the regular ones. So, get yourself some pahadi pani get cooking.


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