10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh


Tourist places-10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

When you decide to visit India, you aren’t supposed to ignore visiting Madhya Pradesh. It is considered as the best Indian state to go with when it comes to unveiling beauty and adventure of amazing tourist places in India. If you are planning to explore incredible India, you shouldn’t forget exploring the top 10 tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

So, let’s check out stated below 10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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10 Astoundingly delicious Mughlai dishes


Food-Mughlai dishes

Indian culinary recipes are incomplete without the mention of dishes from the Mughal period. Great chefs are traveled extensively just to study the balance of spices that make Mughlai dishes so delectably tasty. Here we present to you 10 astoundingly delicious Mughlai dishes that can be easily made at home

Mughlai paratha- This is not your regular paratha that is kneaded with curd and cooked till crisp. This paratha has minced meat filling and is fried to achieve that crispness. It is served with potato curry on the side.

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10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp


Health Tips-healthy scalp

Hair is the crowning glory to many. Some like it bald yet desire to get the squeaky clean glistening scalp. Apart from basic hygiene, there are a few tips that can help you achieve a healthy scalp. This article will elaborate on the 10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp. Continue reading “10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp”

10 Famous Maggi recipes

Recipes-10 Famous Maggi recipes


Maggi noodles have become one of the staple foods in households all over the world. Even a person who never stepped into the kitchen is aware of the basic idea of how to cook Maggi. Most probably, Maggi  recipes are the first dish many might claim to be their first experiment in the kitchen.

Preparing Maggi does not require much skill but the art to cook various types of Maggi noodles is gaining momentum among youth. They even name for their Maggi experiments like Pahado wali Maggi (The mountain Maggi), the midnight Maggi, etc Continue reading “10 Famous Maggi recipes”

10 Places to Visit in Lucknow

Tourist Places-10 Places to Visit in Lucknow

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs. It is famous for its historical buildings, monuments, and structures. If you want to visit a city where you can witness the true culture of incredible India, Lucknow should be the final destination. Are you planning to visit it? If yes, then you should know the top 10 places to visit in Lucknow. Read on to know more. Continue reading “10 Places to Visit in Lucknow”

10 famous Indian snacks you must try


Food-10 famous Indian snacks

Munching snacks whether free or not is the hobby of many. Garam samosas and hot chai are just an introduction to Indian Snacks. There a dozens of snacks out there in India which are worth tasting and experimenting with.

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Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge


Food-Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge

Many of us have the habit of munching and munching and munching…..partly because of boredom and partly because we love to eat. But, how much of what we eat is actually beneficial for our well being? It is rightly said that our body is our temple. Here you will read about tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge. Continue reading “Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge”

Top 10 places to visit in Ooty


Health Tips-Top 10 places to visit in Ooty

Ooty is a beautiful hill station and is a popular summer destination. This ghat road filled hill station is a major tourist attraction for its picturesque tourist destinations and climate conditions. You will find that apart from the eye-catching sceneries, the people of Ooty are charming in nature as well. Continue reading “Top 10 places to visit in Ooty”

Top 10 wonders of India


Tourist places-Top 10 wonders of India

India is a mystic place that intrigued emperors and rulers since way before Alexander the great. This country is blessed with many architectural marvels that tell the story of various influences this region had over the years. Standing tall till today, here is a list of 10 wonders of India with beautiful architectures that are a part of UNESCO world heritage sites. Continue reading “Top 10 wonders of India”

10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy

Health Tips-benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent means that offers rejuvenation and unwinding. Studies have proven that aromatherapy improves cognitive states, acts as a great supplemental medicine and is a mood enhancer. In recent science, aromatherapy is also being used to tackle Alzheimer’s disease which is a very challenging illness. This article here will tell you about the 10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy. Continue reading “10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy”