/Lonavala-A hill station with a view of western ghats

Lonavala-A hill station with a view of western ghats

Lonavala is a hill station in the state of Maharashtra. It is filled with beautiful nature, caves, forts and a view of western ghats with a pleasant atmosphere. Here are the top 10 must-visit places in Lonavala.

1. Tiger’s Leap: Tiger’s Leap is a hilltop that gives a breathtaking view of the Western Ghats as it is situated at a height of 650m. The echo produced here is an added speciality of this place. This spot is very famous amongst the youth and you will find students plan college trips around Tiger’s leap. This beautiful landscape is a must visit place in Lonavala.

2. Bushi Dam: The monsoon brings with it cheer and joy to this dam as the peaceful view of overflowing water seen through the rocky mountains gives it a spot in the must-visit list.

3. Imagica: Imagica is a recreational theme park that is catching upto be a famous tourist spot really fast. The three segments, theme park, Snow Park and Water Park with a wide spectrum of entertainment options give this place a spot on your checklist.Lonavala

4. Celebrity Wax Museum: The famous wax statues of famous people made by the artist, Mr Sunil Kandaloor are exhibited in this museum. The wax statues here are of famous personalities from different genres like history, Bollywood, and Hollywood. If you ever wonder what these biggies look like in person head towards the celebrity wax museum in Lonavala.

5. Amrutanjan Point: Amrutanjan Point is the perfect picnic spot to watch nature and hang out with friends and family. The view at this point covers the below-lying towns. If you want a peaceful picnic then amritanjan point is a must visit place in Lonavala.

6. City Shopping: Lonavala is well known for its Chikki. The local shopping experience could be very exotic that is filled with a lot of sweet items ready to be consumed. The local snacks are fairly sweet than savoury and are always tempting with different flavours like in jellies, chocolate fudge and Chikki.

7. Karla Caves:The 2000-year-old carved Buddhist monastery is one of the major attractions to Lonavala. The inside of the monastery, tells the tales of the past history and teaching of Buddhism with enticing stories. The original monastery is developed and now it has a recently built entrance to these caves. This monastery is the most famous tourist spot of Lonavala.

8. Bhimashankar Trek: A trek through the dense mountains is almost like a dream. The local tribes are an added value to this countryside trail.

9. Tikona fort: Tikona fort is unique as it is built in a triangular shape that was once part of the glorious Maratha kingdom. For people who love adventures, trekking around this fort is one activity to please them.

10. Ryewood Park: Ryewood Park was previously a botanical garden that is now turned into a park. This park makes a good place for a picnic and one could explore various species of plants here, thanks to the botanical garden that was once here.This park is a must visit place in Lonavala.

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