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The Mental Time Travel System

Mental Time Travel
Mental Time Travel – System, is explaining how one person had an almost miraculous breakthrough from using these methods.
For example
  • Andres was homeless but went on to become a billionaire. (I helped him tell his incredible story in his book, Homeless to Billionaire.)
  • Cyndi was alone and tired of it. She shared what she did to attract her soulmate. They’re married and have been together over 10 years. (It’s something anyone can do, including you.)
  • I suffered from an unexplained health condition for years but managed to attract a solution that no doctor, therapist, healer, or alternative health practitioner could see. (I tell the story in the video introduction.)

Of course, the evidence for these methods is overwhelming, and the number of testimonials I have for my work is staggering, so I can’t list them all here.

But to add to all the proof adding up around this new program and concept, scientists are also talking and writing about this “Mental Time Travel” phenomena.
I couldn’t believe it, either, but…
Science Supports This Too!
“The human mind is a virtual time machine.”

And Dean Duonomano, in his book Your Brain Is A Time Machine: The Neuroscience and Physics of Time, wrote –

“Many psychologists, including Endel Tulving and Thomas Suddendorf, believe that mental time travel is a uniquely human cognitive ability, and indeed that mental time travel is a key ingredient to being human.”
I could go on and on with all the evidence, testimonials, endorsements and more.
But let’s cut to the chase.
Let me tell you about the iron-clad guarantee for this new program that will put your mind at rest.
After you see this, you’ll know you can order right now in complete confidence…

Your 100% Guarantee

Indulge me for a moment –

  • Imagine the future you’ve longed for.
  • Imagine the love…
  • Imagine the health…
  • Imagine the wealth…
  • Imagine anything you’d like to have, do, or be.
Wouldn’t it be cool to finally attract all the things you’ve been hearing about and longing for?
Now you can!
And it’s guaranteed to work for you.
Try it for 60 days.
Go through the online materials.
Pick something you want to attract.
Follow the steps I outline in the Mental Time Travel System.
Allow the audio for changing the past to remove any limits.
Allow the audio for creating your future help you to experience having what you want right now.
And then note how much more quickly you actually attract what you want!
If you are tired of the struggle, and ready to accept the miracles you long for and deserve, then look at what you can get today —

What You Get Today:

15 Powerful Videos Revealing How to Attract “The Big 3” and Quickly Get Results in All Aspects of Your Life

  • each explaining one of the fifteen principles to attracting anything you like (including health, wealth, and romance,)
  • each one is a different example of how each principle was uses to create miraculous change in a person’s life to support your clear understanding,

3 Inspiring Video Introductions on The Wells Method and the Impact of The Mental Time Travel system on The Big 3 –

Wealth, Health, and Romance
  • One video each for attracting wealth, health, or romance.
  • Each video tells an inspiring story to awaken your hope
  • These videos will prepare you for what you’re about to experience in the Time Travel Meditations
6 Mind-Bending Mental Time Travel Guided Meditations –
  • 3 Mental Time Travel System Past Re-Write audios that guide you to a past moment where you can rewrite your limiting perception into a more empowered one
  • 3 Mental Time Travel System Future Creation audios that guide you to a future moment, where you can create what you want to attract now, 

You Also Get Bonus videos –

  • A detailed video by Dr. Vitale discussing how his new program is different from all others.
  • Another describing the  “Special Technique” Dr. Joe uses to scan and optimize you during the videos for better results.
  • A “Next-Steps” video describing next steps to take after completing this new program.
  • “The 3 Basics” video describing the steps most people use to attract their desires.

You also get a surprise gift!

  • I like to surprise you with an extra gift that I won’t even describe here. 

Quite a cool bundle, right?

And all the above is yours for instant access.
No waiting.
Order now, get access, and jump in.
Start attracting NOW!
I know, I know.
You want to know what all of this will cost you.
That’s where I have good news…

How Much?

If you worked with me directly, and I personally took you through my Mental Time Travel System, and taught you the 15 secrets of attraction, you’d pay me $8,000 an hour – at least.

We’d also have to work for several sessions, maybe over weeks and months.
Add it up and you might be paying $25,000 to $250,000 to have the changes you want.
Of, if you entered my Miracles Coaching program, or joined one of my private Master Mind programs, you’d pay up to tens of thousands of dollars.
Clearly, we all don’t have that kind of money to invest.
So, how can I get this breakthrough material to you?

Obviously, I’m not going to ask for much, because I’ve created this material for you to use at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home.

With that in mind, I should still charge $499 – or more.
After all, you can use this package to attract ANYTHING.
How much is THAT worth?
And you can access and use the system repeatedly, attracting whatever is your fancy.
But we all need a break these days.
So rather than $500 or even $295 or even $199…
I’ve decided to offer the entire package for only $97.

And part of your investment will be used to support causes I endorse.

(I often support The National Coalition for the Homeless
and Habitat for Humanity among others.)

The Time is NOW

The choice is yours.

Attract miracles now – or stay the same.
  • Wouldn’t you prefer to know how to enrich your life – and finally attract what you envision?
  • Wouldn’t you like to attract The Big 3 – Health, Wealth, and Romance – and finally strut through your days feeling JOY?
  • Wouldn’t you like to know how to work with the Law of Attraction – and actually attract what you really want – Guaranteed!?

The time is now.

All you must do is click BUY NOW.
As I like to say –
Expect Miracles!
Dr Joe Vitale
Author – Speaker – Inspirator
Member BBB 2003 – 2023
PS – Remember, you get instant access to 15 videos, 6 audios, 4 bonuses – and a surprise gift – and all are guaranteed to work for you. Everything is instant. Everything is online. Everything is guaranteed. I suggest you act now. I believe in you. Prove you believe in yourself. Click here to order now. Miracles await!
PPS – This is the Internet. I can change the price and raise it higher at a moment’s notice. I’ll keep the price low for today only, but once you leave this page, look out. The offer may be gone forever. Since you’ve read this far, you’re clearly interested. I suggest you simply act from FAITH and ACT NOW and just go ahead and BUY NOW.
PPPS – My Mental Time Travel System uses the 15 Truths to help you attract the Big 3 (wealth, health, romance) by changing your past and creating your future – in under ten minutes. There is nothing else like this anywhere on the planet. I fully stand behind my program. I guarantee it. But you’ll never know what it can do for you until you BUY AND TRY. Why not order right now?
This product is digital. The image above is for visualization only.

Dr Joe Vitale is the globally famous author of numerous bestselling books, from The Attractor Factor to Zero Limits. He has appeared in dozens of movies, most notably The Secret. He’s considered one of the top 50 most inspiring speakers in the world. He’s also a musician, with 15 albums to his credit. He is host of the hit e-TV show “Zero Limits Living.”

For more info see

* An “AO Scanner” is a program that scans your body-mind system for any irregularities, and then optimizes you with frequencies to help balance you. It is not therapy or medicine.

It is not a substitute for professional care. You can learn more at
* Note: This program, in whole or in part, is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or therapeutic care. It is not therapy. It is not medicine. It is offered for educational and entertainment purposes only.
For Product Support please see

I am going to take ALL the risk, so you don’t have to. If at any time within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the “New Awakening” in ANY way, I’ll force you to take your money back. I am so confident in this program that I back you with my personal unconditional “Iron Clad” no questions asked money back guarantee.

All we ask is that you go through the training and put the principals into practice!

 Who is Dr. Joe Vitale?

Dr. Joe Vitale is a world renowned Personal Development expert and star of the blockbuster hit movie on the Law of Attraction, The Secret. Author of over 85 books on a wide range of development topics, he’s helped thousands at his live events and millions through the internet, his books and educational programs. Dr. Vitale has developed The New Awakening with love and all of the skills and knowledge he’s gained in over 35 years of helping people create the lives they desire and deserve.

 Is it really possible to reprogram your brain in this way?
Yes, think about it like this… Do you believe that going to the gym and workout will help you physically? Of course you do. You can take a conscious effort to change something you can’t see…your heart for example. Working on your mindset is no different. Your mind can be changed just like your body…yes, it works!
 Will this really help me with my specific problems?
Yes, in over 35 years of helping people create the lives of their dreams, Dr. Vitale has distilled what works to get people from breakdown to breakthrough. He knows that when you fix the core issues, all of the symptoms seem to just disappear. It’s like universe mopping up for you. It even clears up issues you’re not aware of.
 I don’t want to be a victim any more… Can I really break through from Victimhood?
Yes, We are all victims in the sense that we are all affected by the programming we are exposed to through family, friends, co-workers, school mates, and society in general. The New Awakening gives you tools and actionable processes to help create an exit ramp to get you out of victimhood and firewall to protect you.
 Can I REALLY have my NEW awakening? 
Yes, As Dr. Joe says in The New Awakening, your Awakening is a gift from the Divine. It comes in stages. Dr. Joe guides you through these stages in preparation for you to receive your gift of awakening. He clears away all that is in the way of you allowing this gift from the Divine to be bestowed upon you.

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