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Travel Wishlist-amazing places to visit in India

Travel Wishlist

We want to wander everywhere but how many of us actually do? Our wanderlust gets hidden inside us with time. To not let that happen come let’s make a travel Wishlist of some amazing places to visit in India. A travel wishlist you can keep with yourself to remind you every day that you don’t ever lose your “wanderlust-ness”. Some beautiful breath-taking places that you don’t want to miss in this lifetime which are undiscovered. And someday you can change this travel Wishlist to your travel realism in the coming days. Some of us may have time constraints and hesitate to fulfill your travel Wishlist, we only have to remember that time will keep coming you just need to take your break and move away for a bit. So here we are talking about our most favorite travel wishlist. We are sure you will love it all.

A small city in Pune, will capture your heart with its greenery and luscious environment. It will make you never want to go back to your traffic-filled city for sure. The city can definitely be on your travel Wish list as it’s on the shore of Warasgaon, and if you are an adrenalin junkie then that spot is the best for you as it’s filled with water sports and more.

It is a well-known district in West Bengal. Any tea lovers? Almost all of us live on tea, then Darjeeling is ought to be in your travel Wishlist. Darjeeling is filled with greenery and tea leaves. With a wide beauty of the Kanchanjunga ranges seen from almost all of Darjeeling. It is well known for its tasty momos.  If you are into monasteries, a wide range of culture then book your tickets now. One unknown place which is usually ignored by tourists is the Sandakphu Mountain. It is the highest peak in West Bengal, filled with colorful plants ad wolf-banes. It is a tiring trek but very worthy of your eyes after you reach the peak.

One of the cities in Meghalaya with an extreme amount of tourist unexplored places. Starting with the famous Cherrapunji a small town connected to Shillong, the wettest places on our earth, where it drizzles all the time. But the best months to visit the moist place are when the weather is calm and pleasant during October and May. It has some exciting places like double Decker Root Bridge, where two bridges one up and one down connected to each other in its natural form filled with greenery. This definitely needs to be added to your travel Wishlist.

Best city to visit in Tamil Nadu. It is filled with tourist exciting places like Dhanushkodi, the ghost town, why Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram is an important place to visit are because we can see the Rama Setu Bridge built by god Ram. Also, it has exciting waterside places like the Airyaman Bridge and other “beachy” places. If you love the water and the water loves you, then put on this place onto your Travel Wishlist right now.

If you want to experience the most adventurous yet serene places in India, then trust me Kasol should be your destination. Starting from River Parvati and River Beas, Kasol valley is extremely chilling and pretty with crystal clear mountains. You can click amazing pictures here and indulge yourself in charming Kasol. You will never feel coming back if you are a snow lover.


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