/Places To Visit In Vizag – It’s More Than Just Beaches
Places To Visit In Vizag

Places To Visit In Vizag – It’s More Than Just Beaches

Vishakhapatnam lovingly called as Vizag, is a port city with picturesque hilltops, old temples and sun-kissed beaches. This Jewel of the East sits in the middle of hills on one side and beaches on the other side. Start packing the bag and set out to the  Places To Visit In Vizag-Its more than just beaches.

Happy memories are made only when you want to exist. Take the time to explore and visit places to see in Vizag and the trip will be worth it.

Yarada Beach

In Vizag already and haven’t been to a beach yet. No worries, let’s get you started with Yarada Beach. With Bay of Bengal on one side and Hilly scenes on the other, Yarada beach is very beautiful to look at. Arrive early at the beach to catch the sun rise and sun set and get insanely breathtaking instagram posts. Respect the place even more as it is one of the cleanest beaches in India and just 16 km away from the main city of Vizag.Places To Visit In Vizag

Katiki Waterfalls

Waters falling from above over giant rocks and a splashing all over the area plus a cool breeze is heaven. Katiki waterfalls are amongst the best places to see in Vizag and the trip is actually incomplete without it. The waterfall is 50 feet tall and has Araku valley as its neighbor. Trekking is the favorite sport around this area.


Kailasgiri as the name suggests is a very famous hill station and recommended as one of the best places to see in Vizag. Once you get to the hill station a breathtaking view of beaches, forests and of the city below await you. Kailasagiri is home to huge Shiva and Parvathi idols and offers the best combination of spiritual and fun.

Borra Borra Caves

One of the must see places to visit in Vizag is Borra caves. These caves are located in the lap of Ananathagiri Hills of Araku valley and are said to be one of the largest in India. They were discovered back in 1807 and have since been a major tourist magnet. The caves are made up of Karstic limestone and the natural sunlight sweeps in light up the place.

Submarine Museum

It is said that if you want to know any place better try the local cuisine and go to the museum. Both of these will give a jest of the place and explain its culture in a true sense. Vizag is a port hence has many ships both big and small. Submarines are also an integral part of Vizag seas hence an entire museum to appreciate this fact. INS Kurusura is the submarine which hosts the museum collection of artifacts and warrior life. This submarine has its anchors docked at Gajapathi Marg on the beach. It has served the Indian navy for about 31 years and still doing a gallant job of showcasing what a submarine look like to the public. All the fittings and weaponry is still intact on the ship which is quite fascinating.

Rushikonda Beach

A quiet and sleepy beach, this place will give you he calms needed. It has an amazing sand stretch and is idle for swimming and water sport activities like jet skiing and wind surfing. During holi, the beach bustles with life and is actually the main tourists attracting during the festival.

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