/Khajjiar- The Switzerland of India and its beauty

Khajjiar- The Switzerland of India and its beauty

Spend your vacation tucked away in the solitude of India’s very own Switzerland, in Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh. This place is nicknamed as the Switzerland of India during the colonial rule as it has a remarkable resemblance to the exotix landscapes of Switzerland. Here is a list of ten must-visit places in and around this naturally blessed vibrant place. Oh! Do not forget to pack comfy clothes and a great pair of boots because you may want to hike. The beauty of the place is such that your eyes won’t get tired easily.

The 10 must visit places in Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh are:

1. Khajjiar Lake and Ground: Due to the ages long association with Khajji Nag Temple’s idols, this place is considered holy. The ground has featured in many Indian cinemas. The weed and grass grown on the lake are a major attraction as it seems like a floating island. This place is on the top of the 10 must visit places in Khajjiar.

2. Rang Mahal: Rang Mahal is a great example of Mughal and British architectural fusion. Once upon a time, the Mahal was used as a residence by the then king but is now home to exhibit a lot of handicrafts that are culturally close to the region.

3. Akhand Chandi Palace: This palace, the royal family’s headquarters was built in the 18th century. This place was constantly updated and renovated under the rule of the new kings that emerged by mid of the 20th century.Tourist Places-Khajjiar- The Switzerland of India

4. Manimahesh Lake: This place is great for people who love trekking. If you want to take a peek at this lake which is hidden in the mountains, then you have to trek. The lake is such pristine beauty undisturbed by the urbanization, yet.

5. Golden Devi Temple: Located just by the side of the Khajjiar lake, this temple features a golden dome as suggested in the name.

6. Panch Pandav Tree: Called as the mother tree of the region, this tree is the living history of folklore associated with the place. The locals consider the roots and shoots of this tree to be people from the epic Mahabharata, namely Pandavas and their wife Draupadi. This tree acts as an entrance gate to the village of Khajjiar

7. Khajjiar Villages: The Khajjiar ground is surrounded by densely populated deodar forest that is home to many villages populated by the locals. In these dense forests, apple orchards are also a major attraction.

8. Mount Kailash: The Mount Kailash view from the ground of Khajjiar is just picture perfect on any clear day. Mount Kailash is believed to be the home of Himachal’s main deity Lord Shiva.

9. Khalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: The Khalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many endangered species of birds and animals. This sanctuary is situated on a stretch of Dalhousie and Khajjiar in the dense forests filled with oak and coniferous trees.

10. Khajji Nag Temple: This temple is one of the ancient temples in Himachal Pradesh. Started in the 10th century, this temple has unique features of different architectures that were prevalent during the course of time. The architecture involved in the temple narrates the story of Mahabaratha.

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