/Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal-Explore The Real Beauty
Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal

Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal-Explore The Real Beauty

A relaxing walk that lasts only a kilometer yet gives immense happiness is Coaker’s walk. Amidst the exquisitely beautiful mountains  that are surrounded by natural beauty is Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal.

Enjoy the walk by:

-Hire bicycles at Rs 30 per hour to ride through the landscape and enjoy the beauty of Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal.

-Visit the Telescope house and relish the panoramic view of the surroundings

-Buy mementos and souvenirs from the Kurinji Mini Supermarket

-Ride on a horse because city life only gives you the wheels

Tips for travelers

-Carry enough drinks to keep self hydrated along the walk

-Tread cautiously along the steep roads

-Carry a camera to capture the beauty of Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal

-Do not worry about the food as you can find decent food services in the place

Do not worry about unfamiliarity with the place and you certainly do need a guide to explore the walk. In case you get lost, find a local and seek help for directions.Tourist places-Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal

What is the best time to visit the best place like Coaker’s walk?

It will be extremely silly to visit Coaker’s walk in hot summers with the sun beaming over you. Choose cooler months like from December to February to visit Coaker’s walk and enjoy the natural surroundings.

How to get to Coaker’s park?

Well! This is certainly the most important question, isn’t it? The Kodaikanal railway station which is 30 minutes away from Coaker’s walk is the closest transport means you will find to get there. If you are not fond of traveling by train then you chose to travel by flight or drive as the road network through Madurai and Coimbatore are great.

What’s so interesting about Coaker’s park, Kodaikanal

-The weather there is mostly cloudy hence cooler months are referred to this place.

– Coaker’s walk was created in 1872 and named after a Lieutenant Coaker.

-In the south-east direction of Madurai, you can spot the Hills of Pamber River.

-Coaker’s walk starts at Van Allen Hospital and you visit the St.Peter’s church on the way.

The phenomenonal experience

If you are truly lucky you will get to witness the beautiful Brachem Spectre phenomenon. So what is this phenomenal experience and what so special about it? You get to see your shadows in the clouds with a rainbow halo right above your head which gives a very angelic appearance to your shadow. This happens when the sun is directly behind you and the misty clouds in the front.

Gain entrance to the Coaker’s walk by paying a mere Rs 10/- (per head) and extra Rs 20/-, if you want to visit the Telescopic house as well. The place is open from 7 am to 7 pm and visit durations range between one to two hours.

The nearby places that you can also visit are the Dolphin nose, the famous Kodaikanal yoga center, Peter’s church, Byrant Park and the Kodai Lake.

Be it sightseeing, nature photography or simply a walk, Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal will give you the much needed relaxing experience.

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