/Charminar Shopping in Hyderabad -Tempting and Lucrative For All The Shopaholics
Charminar Shopping in Hyderabad

Charminar Shopping in Hyderabad -Tempting and Lucrative For All The Shopaholics

Ask any hyderabadi ladies about shopping and the next question they ask is “Charminar jana hai kya?” which translates into “Are we going to Charminar?” Charminar shopping in Hyderabad is like a call to rejuvenation therapy and calms the wandering eyes.

Yes, Charminar Shopping is one favorite shopping destination and it has everything to offer. From bangles, to fancy sandals and mojris, heavy embroidered sarees and dresses, gold and antique jewelry, sherwani’s and kurtas for the gents etc. Taste of the food is also very authentic to Hyderabad and people from far and away just to eat the Lukhmi kawab’s of Charminar at  hotel Shehran.

The lists below will you a jest of what to buy where and for how much?
Just to add a bit more to your shopping enthusiasm, Charminar hosts a Sunday bazaar and the prices are quite mouth watering.

Mojri’s or ethnic foot ware: Also known as jhuti’s, the mojri’s come in various designs. They come with embellishments, pearl or banarasi embroidery, or just plain leather. Super comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, these mojri’s are a must have fashion statement amongst
Hyderabad’s. They range from INR 250 to INR 2000/-.

Bangles:– from glass bangles to best of Rajasthani design bangles, you will get it all here at the Lab bazaar. Charminar shopping in Hyderabad is incomplete if you didn’t pamper yourselves to some bangles. Indulge in the beautiful stone work bangles every bangle shop in lad bazaar has to
offer. Bargain well because the prices at quite high. They can range from INR 800 to INR 2500 and even high depending on designs.Charminar Shopping in Hyderabad

Dresses or sarees: Charminar shopping in Hyderabad has something to offer to everyone from all walks of life. You can buy the ready to stitch dresses and readymade dresses in various price ranges and quite easily. The sarees in Charminar are strikingly beautiful and Benaresi sarees are
the current favorite trend. Daily wear dresses for children and adult alike are available in prices range of INR 250/- to all the way up high- INR 60,000/-. You just have to choose the occasion and splurge.

Sherwani: The most preferred wedding wear amongst hyderabadi gentlemen, the sherwani’s add an elegance and class to their attitude. They come with embroidery or without and you can at times choose the cloth and get it stitched. Charminar shopping in Hyderabad offers customized outfits to men as well so accompany your ladies and but some stuff for yourself too.

Food: shopping is never complete without food. From lip smacking kulfi’s to lukhmi kawabs to sheek kawabs and chaat, the streets of Charminar have something for everyone. Try out the sweet betel leaf condiments as well.

Itar’s: Charminar shopping in Hyderabad has customized perfumes to offer as well. You can buy fragrance of any variety in small glass bottles which are easy to use and store. The smell of some itars is divine. An excellent souvenir for the tourists to purchase and take back – The itar’s of
Hyderabad have a fragrance hard to forget.

Now, with the above list of must buy you are ready to splurge at Charminar shopping in Hyderabad. Remember bargaining is key and the shopkeepers are not that hard to persuade. Enjoy and have the best shopping experience ever.


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