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Welcome and thank you for your interest in my stock market newsletter: Dividend Alarm Strategy . In contrast to usual dividend strategies, I follow an easy-to-implement approach that enables me to achieve an above-average return.

My approach consists of two components – traffic light systems. My indicator shows what phase the market is in and the signals calculated for dividend stocks help me find undervalued companies. The aim of my stock market letter is to get unprofitable portfolios on track. This requires setting up individual depot structures and improving individual decision-making, and all of this for 1.00 euros per day. Where else can you find something like this?

The basic principle of my dividend strategy is to spend very little time on practical implementation. By focusing on undervalued market phases and stocks, you will trade more successfully in the future than the majority of investors. They usually buy all the time and usually ignore the valuations of stocks and markets. In addition, the focus is often only on a high dividend yield without paying attention to quality.

So that you can learn how my long-term dividend strategy works in practice , you will find a lot of information and all the details on this page . You should know these as a future member. I will explain to you how my dividend strategy works and show you the individual content and evaluations of the members.


My request and expectation from you: Read this page and the additional content completely. Gain more understanding of my approach. Write to me with any questions you still have and then order your Dividend Alarm membership! Membership only makes sense for you if you understand the approach of my dividend strategy and no longer have any fundamental questions about it. By ordering your membership, you confirm this. You too can become a successful dividend collector. Together we will find dividend pearls in the future, you will invest countercyclically and achieve better returns than with your previous approach.

Speaking of returns. Since the beginning of my dividend alarm project, I have been tracking the real performance of my private portfolio on a monthly and annual basis , with transparent evidence from my brokers. In the small table on the right, you can see my results since launching my dividend alarm strategy. Please feel free to compare the values ​​I achieved with the results of your previous investment strategy . The bigger the differences, the higher the optimization potential for you and the more worthwhile your membership is. You can find detailed evaluations of my performance on this blog page.

My dividend strategy: If you want to be successful, you have to act differently than the majority of investors

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Before I go into the individual content points of my dividend strategy, I would like to list all the dividend alarm content for you. You can only see and use this content in different places on the blog as a logged in member.

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If you are interested in the newsletter and want to know what content awaits you, you can take a look at an older sample copy here .

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Questions about dividend strategy Dividend Alert

Since the launch of the Dividend Alarm at the beginning of 2015, interested readers have often asked recurring questions. I answer the most frequently asked questions on this page. If you still have questions about the Dividend Alarm dividend strategy , then don’t be afraid to ask me your questions before ordering your membership. Write me a short message and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Who is this dividend strategy suitable for?
  • What is the Dividend Alert and what is it not?
  • Which stocks are monitored by the Dividend Alert?
  • What is Dividend Rebalancing?
  • What do the signal evaluations look like?
  • What else should I know before becoming a member?

Who is the Dividend Alarm dividend strategy suitable for?

The Dividend Alarm dividend strategy is aimed primarily at active investors who have already gained experience in the capital markets. Even those who have difficulty assessing when stocks or the market are valued cheaply or expensively will find my approach helpful. Are you dissatisfied with your current portfolio performance? Then you are exactly right here. You will invest more successfully without investing a lot of time and using a different approach than before.

My strategy is ideal for working readers and investors . Especially if you only have a short amount of time to spend on building your assets, looking for companies that pay dividends and optimizing your own returns. The small amount of time required and the time savings are enormous. Members can see at a glance the current market situation and which stocks are currently generating a signal. The focus should generally be on buying stocks that are undervalued. Best while the market is also undervalued. This constellation is beneficial in the long term, because the profit lies in purchasing and the right entry into a share is very important for this.


Suitable for buy and hold investors

For typical buy and hold investors , there is the opportunity to sell stocks near their tops in addition to really lucrative entry points, or at least to think about it. If you do not want to sell your shares and continue to accept the now lower dividend yield, you can also interpret a sell signal as a do not buy signal.

We only focus on companies that pay a dividend. A dividend is not a new interest, but a dividend offers us the opportunity to generate regular and passive income. We can either reinvest this or use it to shape our everyday lives. We therefore focus less on hyped growth stocks and instead optimize and expand our dividend income with solid, high-quality companies.

Our strategy supports investors who do not want or cannot monitor the stock market every day. We reduce the time required enormously by waiting for significant market and stock valuations. The dividend alarm is not suitable for investors who prefer to trade short-term rather than invest long-term. Even if you think you have to invest all the time (savings plans, ETFs, buying without considering ratings) , you won’t be helped here. Last but not least, you have to have a certain amount of patience or you have to be able to assess the market yourself and evaluate stocks.

Invest more successfully in the future than before

My Consorsbank Personal Investment ReportThe more precisely you apply my dividend strategy, the better the performance results will look in your portfolio. You should first compare your previous performance with another index, for example the DAX or a dividend ETF. You can find the evaluation of my monthly Real Depot performance on this page here in the blog . You don’t have to implement my dividend strategy with your entire portfolio straight away. At the beginning, reserve just a portion of the portfolio for this and start investing with structure and system. Then compare the results with your previous approach and the benchmark values.

What is the Dividend Alarm dividend strategy and what is it not?

What is the Dividend Alert dividend strategy?The dividend alarm indicator can be used to determine when the market is in a buying phase or a selling phase. The goal is to wait for these market phases and then trade stocks that generate a signal.

The Dividend Alert is a clearly defined dividend strategy. Practically a stock scanner or signal service for buy & hold investors. It monitors numerous dividend stocks and filters out the stocks that have generated a predefined signal . The signals are calculated using different key figures that correlate with the dividend yield.

The evaluations are published weekly . The evaluations are visible to all blog readers. Only the important details (tables, names and dates of stocks, etc.) can only be seen by Dividend Alarm members.

What is the dividend strategy Dividend Alarm not?The Dividend Alarm is not a stock market newsletter that examines individual stocks fundamentally or from a chart perspective. It is also not an online course. No trading recommendations are made. There is no live view with flashing prices . No daily and automatically updated evaluations or individual stock discussions.

Only the stocks that generate a signal (buy or sell) are listed in the evaluations . All other dividend stocks that do not generate a signal are not discussed. From the perspective of the dividend alarm, there is no need for action here.

The results of the evaluations do not relieve members of the decision to independently make decisions for their own portfolio.


Support from Dividend Alert Live Support

Dividend Alert Live SupportIn live support I report on significant scenarios that arise from individual buy and sell signals. Members should be able to better handle the practical application of signals and phases. There is also a time saving because current and lucrative setups are discussed.

The service is not a live ticker with several messages per day. We continue to be long-term oriented and not traders. Irregular messages are planned as soon as interesting scenarios present themselves. At the same time, members have the opportunity to contact me directly.

I will also provide information in live support when new articles and evaluations (signals/indicators) are published. Practically a direct push service, which the newsletter every 14 days cannot provide.

The feedback from members is overwhelming.

Here you can see what content is being shared via Telegram.

Which stocks are monitored by the Dividend Alert?

Dividend Alert - List of monitored dividend stocksThe main core of monitored dividend stocks includes many global companies . They are usually among the market leaders in their industry and have a long dividend history . Another large group are Dividend Aristocrats and companies with very good dividend continuity . These are companies that have raised their dividends every year for at least 25 years or have never lowered their dividends.

The Dividend Alarm currently monitors almost 400 dividend stocks. You can find the weekly updated table of all monitored dividend stocks via the Dividend Alert menu or directly via this link . The overview can be sorted by industry, the dividend interval and the dividend yield. In addition to the dividend yield, my members are also shown the years of dividend continuity in the signal evaluations.

Dividend Alarm members are also welcome to suggest their own dividend stocks. The prerequisite should be a good dividend history (many years of continuous dividend payments) and a corresponding market capitalization (at least in the high single-digit billion range) . All stock suggestions will be checked and, if the data quality is appropriate , will be included in a later update.

How does the Dividend Alarm dividend strategy work?

The Dividend Alarm dividend strategy helps you with two important decisions that matter on the stock market. With the indicator you can find out when the market has reached a favorable entry level or when it is expensive. Only then should you make transactions – be it as a buyer or as a seller.

The next step is to know which dividend stocks are suitable in the respective phase. In the signal evaluations , all stocks for which a corresponding valuation level has been determined are listed every week. The signal thresholds are about valuations of individual stocks that are rarely reached. Companies that have continuously pursued their business models and maintained their distribution policies for many decades are particularly advantageous. Here you can easily calculate striking points for entries or exits.

The better a company has been valued in the past and has consistently paid out dividends, the more accurately we can calculate the signal thresholds. Companies with a low payout quality can therefore be more difficult to value. The individual signal thresholds for buying and selling are different for each stock. A Colgate Palmolive share is already interesting at a signal threshold at which a BASF share is far from being.

If the indicator has identified a buying phase on the market and a buy signal for a stock at the same time, blood-red phases can sometimes prevail on the markets . Not everyone would buy stocks in such situations. Many investors tend to sell their shares in panic. Therefore, it is helpful to focus on a rational and well-defined system . This is what my dividend strategy Dividend Alert offers you.

Plus, you don’t have to go through such turbulent times alone. I will support you with all your questions and provide you with advice and assistance. Use personal exchange to strengthen your own decision-making.

Dividend alert indicator

The dividend alarm indicator indicates the market phases for investing in stocks or index funds such as MSCI WorldFirst, it is important to determine the right time to invest. The dividend alarm indicator detects what condition the market is in. It specifies the respective time windows in which you should preferably invest in dividend stocks or in index funds such as the MSCI World (or dividend ETFs) . Or maybe you shouldn’t invest.

In principle, you can of course always buy stocks (or ETFs like the MSCI World) . The dividend alarm practically always offers buy signals. However, it has been shown in the past that it is only worthwhile to increase your level of investment in certain phases. Buying all the time, as many ETF investors (index funds) and savings plan enthusiasts do, is usually not an advantage.

To determine when these times are, I introduced the Dividend Alert indicator . He monitors the market and checks its valuation levels. If the indicator exceeds the threshold of 70% or falls below the lower barrier of 30% , then the hot phase of the dividend alarm dividend strategy begins. Even though we focus primarily on investing in dividend stocks, you can also buy your ETFs during a buying phase.

Three dividend alert indicator phases

Here you can either collect stocks particularly cheaply (alternatively also dividend ETFs and other index funds) . Or you have the certainty that stocks are being traded on the market at greatly inflated prices. During the neutral phase of the indicator (values ​​between 30% and 70%) , only portfolio optimizations are carried out. In this (temporally) predominant phase, you should concentrate on building up cash.

In each of the three dividend alarm indicator phases (buy, sell, neutral) I behave differently in the market. I only buy at certain times and only sell parts of my dividend shares under certain conditions. Most of the time I’m passive, waiting and collecting cash.

The indicator data is collected daily and the chart on the indicator page is updated twice a week. As soon as a buying phase or selling phase has been recognized, all Dividend Alarm members receive a special newsletter – practically an alarm by email. The indicator chart will then be updated daily during the two phases!

You can read my workflows for the individual indicator phases in the Dividend Alarm Indicator article .

Dividend Alert Signals

The second part of my dividend strategy are the dividend alarm signalsOnce the when is clarified, it’s about which stocks are eligible for transactions. As already mentioned, the dividend alarm monitors a large number of selected dividend stocks.

For each individual stock, the system calculates signal thresholds for a buy signal and a sell signal . As soon as a stock generates a signal, the stock appears in the weekly dividend alert evaluations.

Basically, a stock should only appear on the screen when it finds itself in a rare situation . Often you only recognize these phases at a later point in time and then comment on them with “You should have bought that . ” Various key figures usually only show such striking points after many weeks and months.

In addition to relevant buy signals, there are also interesting and rare sell signals . And every single stock has its own individual thresholds for this. In addition, the valuations of several hundred stocks are constantly changing. Systematic monitoring is therefore only possible with the help of an automatic stock scanner . And I support you in this as well as the evaluations of the dividend alarm.

IMPORTANT: At this point I would like to make a note. Simply generating a signal does not mean an immediate recommendation for action! A stock that has activated a buy signal must therefore not be bought blindly and immediately! The signal activation is only intended to indicate a rare occurrence. Why this has happened to a share and whether the share is actually worth buying must first be clarified through your own research. You are also welcome to speak to me personally (email) .

How does dividend rebalancing work for a dividend strategy?

The third part of my dividend strategy is the dividend alarm rebalancing © Ainoa - Fotolia.comBy the term dividend rebalancing I mean the reallocation of capital within an industry . You get rid of an expensive dividend stock that is currently generating a sell signal and use your capital to buy a stock with a buy signal . Ideally, this swap involves two stocks from the same industry.

You reap accumulated profits, so to speak, sell a stock that is currently very expensive and achieve a comparatively low dividend yield. We then put stocks in our portfolio that at the same time have a favorable valuation and offer a higher dividend yield.

IMPORTANT: Why both stocks are in different conditions at the same time must of course first be checked in each individual case.

Buy & Hold investors usually leave a stock in their portfolio forever. It doesn’t matter whether the stock is in good or bad shape. There are always situations and market phases that are ideal for optimizing your dividend income in your portfolio. This is possible without fresh capital , simply by reallocating.

So that the members of the Dividend Alarm do not have to spend a lot of time, in addition to the evaluations of the current signals, there is also an overview of the current rebalancing options . All purchase and sales candidates within an industry are compared. With most rebalancing options, the dividend yield can be multiplied . Before you turn your attention to the lucrative purchase candidates, you should first check the portfolio candidates on the sales page.

Dividend strategy dividend alarm in practice

My dividend strategy dividend alarm in practiceWhy a share generates a signal must always be examined and questioned in each individual case . The principle of the dividend alarm strategy works more precisely the more qualitatively and continuously a company pays out its dividends.

Personally, I prefer companies that, in addition to a very high market capitalization, also have an exceptionally good dividend history. On the one hand, these are dividend aristocrats who have raised their dividends every year for more than 25 years. But I also value companies that have not lowered their dividends for many decades .

So that you can better understand the dividend alarm strategy in practical application , I have already written extensive articles about it in the past. You can find out how I found interesting starting points here in the articles on companies such as Veolia, Allianz, Altria, Royal Dutch Shell, CVS Health, Danaher, Procter & Gamble and WW Grainger . But I will also show you what performance, including dividend distribution, was possible with this countercyclical approach . In the Procter & Gamble article you can even read that the return on investments with savings plans is significantly worse than with the dividend alarm strategy.

Using real numbers and automatically generated buy signals and sell signals , I have broken down in the individual articles how you can achieve a three-digit return with such long-term investments . In order to get to know my dividend strategy and its practical implementation better, it is helpful to read these articles beforehand.

What evaluations do members receive?

In addition to the indicator, there are dividend alarm evaluations that appear weekly or fortnightly. They are generally visible to all blog readers. Only the data-relevant details are only visible to Dividend Alarm members. Now it is difficult for non- Dividend Alarm members to understand what the complete Dividend Alarm evaluations look like.

Interested readers can view the dividend alarm evaluations in full without registering. I have therefore activated older evaluations for you. Although the data is not current, it is at least fully visible. This means you can take your time and think about whether you want to invest your money in the future using these weekly evaluations. Your focus will then be more on timing and selecting the right dividend stocks.

Your goal should be to identify lucrative buying and selling opportunities early on by acting countercyclically and without spending a lot of time.

Unlocked evaluations:

Dividend alarm signals
In this weekly evaluation you will find the buy signals and sell signals . This article always appears on Tuesday and you can immediately see which stocks are worth further checking . The tables can be filtered according to many different criteria . Such as the dividend yield or the number of years of dividend continuity.

Dividend Rebalancing Options
This evaluation appears every 14 days on Wednesday. The individual industries are listed here and then the values ​​that are currently generating a signal. In addition to the countercyclical approach and optimization of the respective dividend yield, you can significantly increase your distribution and also improve your withholding tax burden .

Dividend stocks – sample portfolio news
The sample portfolio of the dividend alarm is only visible to members. There is also an article once a month in which I list all the news from the last four weeks about my sample portfolio values.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email. Otherwise, I would be very happy if we invested countercyclically together in the future and collected dividend after dividend. I would like to thank you in advance for ordering your membership.

Order the Dividend Alert membership
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Information about Dividend Alarm membership

The only contractual part of the Dividend Alarm membership is access to the Dividend Alarm area with its non-publicly visible content . For legal reasons, the information and proportion of the content can only be provided without obligation . There is a good reason for this vague explanation.

I am just an individual and not an editorial team with many employees. For legal reasons alone and also to protect myself, I cannot make any firm promises regarding the promised content.

I too am just a person who can get sick sometimes. For this reason, there will generally be a project break for two months a year . At the turn of the year and in one month during the year , blog operations are canceled. Member content is excluded from this.

If there are any breaks in content outside of the specified time frames (illness, etc.) , the membership will be extended free of charge for the canceled period. In such cases, every member will be informed about the free extension.

Now it’s time for you to weigh things up. Are the points mentioned worth taking out a Dividend Alarm membership? This would give you a certain amount of trust in me and help you build your wealth on the road to success. Previous blog readers know that I have been trying for years to maintain regular content operations and not make empty promises.

If you decide on your Dividend Alarm membership, I would like to thank you for your trust and hope for a successful cooperation .

If dividend strategies or the dividend alert are not an option for you (for whatever reason) , then that’s fine with me. I still hope to be able to welcome you as a blog reader . But let me share in your “why whatever” . Maybe the effort involved in my strategy is too high for you, you would rather just work with ETFs or something else. Write me a short email so I can further improve the dividend alert in the future.



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