/Rounds in Miss India-The Indian beauty pageants
Rounds in Miss India

Rounds in Miss India-The Indian beauty pageants

Miss India is a very prestigious title among Indian beauty pageants. The winner is not only chosen based on their exquisite looks but also for their wisdom. Winners of Miss India beauty contest are sent ahead to participate in the miss world beauty pageant,miss universe beauty pageant. Let’s take a look at the format or rounds in Miss India

The Format– Recently, there has been a change in the format of Miss India. The judges visited 30 states in India to select the best representatives. The winner from every state was mentored by celebrities to participate in the Miss India competition.

Eligibility-The contestant should be of Indian origin.

Age:  18-25 years(25 years as of 31st December of that year)

Height: minimum 5’5 inches and above

Marital status:  singleRounds in Miss India

Rounds in Miss India

  • #1 Round – Beauties from each state audition to participate in the Miss India beauty pageant.
  • #2 Round- three beauties are selected to audition again in the zonal stage. Delhi is north zone, Bangalore is South Zone, Kolkata is East Zone and Pune is West zone.
  • #3 Round – after the ceremonies held in the respective zones, 30 beauties are selected to compete in the prestigious Miss India beauty pageant. From amongst the 30, the winner will be crowned Miss India. The round 3 holds the question and answer round to allow the judges to pick a beauty with most wisdom.

Dress/Attire details-

Like in any competition, Miss India pageant also has rules in place to keep things in order and one of them is a dress code. To all a fair comparison amongst the participants, the pageant has set dress codes for uniformity and clarity.

Attire in round 1

  • White top (T-back) with broad straps. Mostly this attire will be provided by Miss India organizers but it is also suggested that the participants carry one of their own.
  • Blue or black denim shorts approximately till mid- or upper-thigh
  • 4-inch heels at least

Attires in round 2 and 3

  • A short black cocktail dress
  • Heels at least 4 inch high

Make-up and hair is the responsibility of the participants. Blow dried hair is preferred with no curls. A soft fresh no makeup look is well received. Lip stain should not be dark.


Important tips for the day

  • After registration, the Miss India Organizers will brief you up with the preceding of the show.
  • Friends and family can view the auditions
  • Events will take the entire evening to finish
  • No travel, lodging or food expenses will be borne by the organizers
  • Food probably fingers food to be carried by the contestant.
  • No colored contact lenses allowed.
  • Should appear well groomed for the event
  • Hygiene is of utmost importance
  • The behavior will fellow contestants is also noticed so be well presented
  • Do not believe anyone promising commitments before the results of the competition.

Rounds in Miss India are fairly easy to understand and no degree or qualification is required. Basic English knowledge will do as well. Confidence and poise are the two major requirements for the big day. Focus on the goal and do not appear hazed in front of the judges.

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