/COVID-19 The Safety Measures and Precautions
COVID-19 The Safety Measures and Precautions

COVID-19 The Safety Measures and Precautions

COVID-19 is a virus that has been spreading and affecting thousands of people worldwide, it was declared as a pandemic by the WHO. COVID-19 originally started from Wuhan, China, and has been affecting people of all age groups majorly since then. It occurs due to human contact and spreads due to touch, feel or sneeze droplets and cough droplets falling on a person.

Since this outbreak of the virus, it is very risky for humans to be gathered in a single place because you never know how a person can get affected. Some people are surviving, whereas some are not. It is very risky for kids and the old generation people, as their immunity is not that strong.

How to protect ourselves from this deadly virus?

1)  Stay   Indoors: stay at home as long as possible, get your day to day needs and don’t try stepping out of your house, because you never know who is affected and how. So, it is better to stay indoors, if in case you cultivate this virus, you can affect other people at your house too, so your best option to be at home. If you are an office going person, work from home or if you are a student avoid going to school or other major gathered places.

2)    Outdoors: if you are someone who cannot avoid going out for necessary work, you cannot be restricted to stay at home, please carry a sanitizer, to be specific a pocket alcoholic sanitizer, use it whenever you can every now and then, after you cough, sneeze or anything. After you touch in public properties or unhygienic surroundings make sure you use the sanitizer to kill the germs that would penetrate through your hands.

COVID-19 The Safety Measures and Precautions

3)     Do not touch your face, mouth, nose with your hands. It is one of the most difficult things to do, but this virus can maximum be avoided when you avoid touching your face with your hands, the virus is easy to get into your body from your mouth, nose, and face. Especially if you are outdoors, ensure to be careful.

4)     Immune system: the only way to fight this battle between you and this virus is your immune the system, while you stay home to make sure to eat healthy food, build a good and strong immune system, it will help you fight the virus way before you know, it might not even have an effect on you if your immune system fights it off, or unfortunately, if you get it, then due to a strong immune system you will be able to recover fast. So eat healthily, stay healthy and make your immune system stronger.

5)     If you are around anyone sick, who might or might not be positive for the COVID-19, wear a mask and protecting layers of clothes on you. It will help you the maximum it can, from not getting affected by their sickness.

These are some safety measures and precautions to be taken during this crucial time until this pandemic has come to an end.

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