/7 tips for a healthy colon

7 tips for a healthy colon

It is a fact that we are what we eat. Hence, a healthy colon is equal to a healthy you.

Let’s understand what the colon is? The colon is the large intestine and is part of the digestive system. It helps in breaking down and absorbing food nutrients as well as eliminating waste from our body.

Toxins accumulated in our body show up on our health monitor in various ways. Acne, headaches, erratic behavior, memory loss, mood issues, etc are some of the ways toxins affect us. The colon plays a vital role in helping us eliminate these toxins and their negative energies from our body.

In this article here you will read about 7 ways to maintain the health of your colon

  1. Vitamin D- Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body but vitamin D is particularly important for the colon. According to research, vitamin D is beneficial in preventing colon cancer. The most common sources of vitamin D are the sun, fish rich in fats, cereal, and milk. Adequate vitamin D balance also means that osteoporosis can be kept at bay.
  2. Fiber- A great digestive metabolism is a key secret for a healthy colon. Fiber makes this achievable if it’s part of your diet. High fiber-containing foods are not hard to find. Broccoli, peas, bananas, peanuts, raspberries, celery and whole wheat pasta are some examples of fiber food. Fiber allows the waste from the digestive tract to move out of the body thus keeping the colon clean.Food-7 tips for a healthy colon
  3. Obey your bowels- “You have to go when you have to”. Do not hold your bowel movements. It has been studied that holding bowel movements lead to irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis. The colon keeps itself clean by regular bowel movements and stalling them could lead to adverse effects.
  4. Exercise-Yes, you can have a healthy colon through exercise as well. Exercise ensures that the colon gets its dose of oxygen by increasing blood circulation. Blood carries the oxygen to the colon and helps keep colon cancer away. A 10 to 15-minute walk, yoga or even a treadmill run can provide you enough oxygen for your colon.
  5. Water- This known miracle drink is beneficial for almost everything and anything under the sun. Water reduces the chances of constipation, gas, IBS, fatigue and bloating. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day not only cleans your colon but also provide the body with great energy.
  6. Enema- Yes, apart from drinking water, eating fibrous food and exercise, the enema is also a great way to clean your colon. All the junk that has built up in the colon and has not been eliminated will be removed by this method. There are many spas that provide colon cleaning treatments as well.
  7. Colonoscopies- It is not important that you have a colonoscopy only when you have been visited by cancer. You can take one in order to avoid getting cancer as well. People who are above 50 should get a colonoscopy done in order to maintain a healthy colon. A colonoscopy will help you get a proper diagnosis if you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea.

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