/Apple cider vinegar(ACV) – Its top 10 Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar(ACV) – Its top 10 Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is not an unknown element to us. Some add it to salads and some to health drinks to reap its benefits. Internally in our body ACV is great for boosting energy, controlling blood sugar levels, etc and externally it gives a healthy shine to the hair and cleans the skin. Read on to know about the 10 health benefits of ACV.

  1. Body pH- A healthy pH is necessary for the digestive system to function aptly. A proper equilibrium in the body allows energy to be produced and utilized. Any error in this process gives rise to lethargy and mood swings.
  2. Blood sugar- We all know how harmful high blood sugar levels can be. According to studies,Apple cider vinegar ( ACV ) regulated blood sugar levels in patients with Type Two diabetes.
  3. Heart- ACV promotes good cholesterol levels on the body which directly helps in the maintenance of the heart. This health benefit of ACV is quite handy due to our eating habits and lifestyle.Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  4. Liver- In our body, it is liver who is responsible for the elimination of toxins. A healthy liver is important for the proper function of the lymphatic system. ACV detoxifies the liver like no other. A detoxified liver makes sure that the body is running well with a good flow of energy.
  5. Weight issues- Those that struggles with weight gain can actually benefit from this health elixir. ACV is known to stop junk food cravings. With the appetite in control, weight gain is in control as well. Studies have been conducted to actually understand the reason behind ACV and weight loss. This health benefit of ACV can be experienced by anyone wishing to lose weight.
  6. Immunity- ACV has Acetic acid in it which prevents the spreading and growth of pathogens like E.coli and other bacteria. Our body defense mechanism is based on how strong our immunity is and ACV makes sure of it.
  7. Cancer- According to recent studies, cancer cell growth was seen to been variable decreased in the presence of ACV. This health benefit of ACV shows it is also an anticancer agent.
  8. Bones- Osteoporosis is a significant part of old age but it can be held at bay for a little longer thanks to ACV. Calcium is the much-needed aid for healthy bones and ACV helps in its absorption. It keeps the skeletal system from becoming brittle. This health benefit of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a boon for women as every year, 25% of them get diagnosed with osteoporosis.
  9. Youth- To stay young is the most sought after the deal. But one table of ACV might do the trick. It is known for a fact that ACV actually slows down aging and premature graying of the hair. ACV has great antioxidant properties which help in maintain the youthful looks.
  10. Overall health- Free radicals are what damage the body the most. They induce oxidative stress which harms most of the organs in the human body and leads to diseases.Apple cider vinegar (ACV) keeps the free radicals away from interacting with cells and tissues. With the organs leading a healthy life, diseases like arthritis, emphysema and other immune diseases are stalled.

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