/Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir
Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir

Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir-an Indian state that is considered as a paradise on earth, not only for it’s beautiful sights but is quite famous all over the world for its deliciously luxurious cuisine. We can see a variety of dishes displayed by the Kashmiri’s when we visit the state, from the different taste of namkeen chai to Rogan gosht, the uniqueness merely is mesmerising. The authentic dishes of Jammu have some flavourful rice and vegetarian dishes while Kashmir focuses on Wazwan, a multicourse platter offering multiple meat dishes. In this read, you will learn about the Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir.
The word is a combination of two kashmiri words meaning chef and array of meat. The list includes Marachwagan korma, Gushtaba, Rogan gosht, Rista, Tabak Maas and Dhaniwal Korma. The lip-smacking traditional delicacies have been a part of three generations and have popularised with the combination of three different cooking styles, namely Kashmiri Pandits, Mughals and Muslims.

The Kashmiri dishes carry a pungent smell in regards with the usage of mustard oil as the core ingredient in their cooking. The typical spices like cloves, cinnamon and cardamom act perfectly well in terms of the warmth and comfort in the dish in accordance with the weather conditions. Other generously used ingredients are clarified popularly called as Ghee and curd; this is another primary ingredient used as marination for kebabs and in curries to add in the loose gravy content and Ghee gives the dish a significant richness. Each recipe carries its own remarkable taste and flavor and exhibits the cultures and beauty in every bit.
A few of famous Kashmiri delicacies are discussed below.Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir
Paneer Chaman: This dish is the perfect blend of cottage cheese flavored with cardamom is left to simmer with milk until tender and opulent.
Mutton Ribs: These crackling ribs achieve its crisp from the outside and chewy in the inside taste when they are cooked in milk with a combination of spices then dipped in gram flour batter and deep-fried until crisp, juicy and golden.
Haak: This is a green leafy vegetable which looks like spinach. The vegetable leaves are stir-fried in mustard oil with suitable spices for a healthy side dish.
Dum Aloo: As the name suggests, the core used ingredient is potatoes. These are fried till golden and cooked in yoghurt and different spices to give a rich and a remarkably satisfying dish.
Khatte baigan: This is a side dish prepared using eggplants served during festivities or celebrations. Its golden fried and then cooked to make chatpata and thick gravy.
Yogurt Lamb curry: This curry traditionally carries the name Naat Yakhn, its main ingredients are curd and lamb cooked in individual edible Mawal flowers, cardamoms, dried mint leaves and onion paste.
Mutton Rogan Gosht: This dish was an influenced dish brought in by the Mughal. It’s one of the signatures Traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir and no event is complete without the dish. This recipe of this includes meat cooked with yoghurt spices and brown onions with necessary us of Kashmiri Laal mirch for the signature red color.
When people talk or hear about Kashmir, the landscapes hit the mind. But, Jammu and Kashmir is much more than what meets the eye. Right from being culturally rich to having immense history, Jammu and Kashmir holds the baton for Traditional foods quite effortlessly.