/Famous Punjabi food recipes-rich in butter and masalas
Famous Punjabi food recipes

Famous Punjabi food recipes-rich in butter and masalas

Buttery, rich in masalas, loaded with spices and utterly drool-worthy, this is Punjabi cuisine. Without waiting a bit more because cooking perfect Famous Punjabi food recipes takes time let’s get to know more about them this instant.

Butter Chicken: Lucknow and Hyderabad might have great versions of butter chicken recipes but the one with Punjabi tadka hits the right notes. Marinating time is too intense with the spices and hung curd and chicken masala but the end result is a rich creamy and heavenly silky because of the generous touch of butter.

Choley Bhaturey: Mentioning Punjabi cuisines and giving chole bhaturey a miss is not fair. The crisp pooris and the hot choley are a match made in heaven to satisfy human taste buds. The chickpeas are soaked overnight in water so that they can be easily tenderized in a pressure cooker and mixed with the onion, tomatoes, and spices gravy. Pooris are either made from whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour. The dough is made to sit for 45 minutes and then rolled out into small palm-sized roti’s which are fried in either ghee or oil. This is often relished as a snack or breakfast. Curd and pickle further boost the flavor of the dish.

Sarson ka Saag: If you are into Punjabi dishes and haven’t eaten Sarson ka saag then what had you eaten? The life and soul of Punjabi cuisine is often touted to be the ultimate rich Sarson ka saag curry. The base of this curry is the tender green mustard leaves, the mustard oil and the rich aroma spreading ginger and other handfuls of spices. It’s typically Famous Punjabi food recipes, a winter dish and served with piping out cornflour rotis with a generous dollop of the creamy homemade butter.Famous Punjabi food recipes

Paneer tikka: A wedding must-have and a party starter, paneer tikka is a mood setter. Without the delicious paneer tikka sticks, your authentic Punjabi party is incomplete. Mint chutney and cut onion rings elevate the taste of paneer tikka. This dish even is a great finger food option and easy to serve.

Kadai Chicken: Might not be authentically Punjabi but more of a north Indian dish, Kadai chicken one dry gravy relished with jeera rice or parathas. It is a very popular restaurant dish and can be easily cooked at home if need a quick fix. It cooks in half the time needed for butter chicken and isn’t that rich in creaminess.

Aloo Paratha: Flatbread filled with soft potato stuffing is a goto breakfast option in every Punjabi household. It is not time-consuming and the huge quantities of potato batter can be refrigerated for future use. The trick many Punjabi’s use to make the parathas soft yet sturdy to hold the potato filling in place is that they add chickpea flour to the dough. Pickles, cool cucumber salad, and curd raise the standards of the dish.


Dal makhani: In the lost list of Punjabi comforts foods, dal makhani tops it. A hot bowl of dal makhani gives the much-needed respite to the wandering mind and tired body. Dal makhani can be made using a mix of three or four pulses or even just the simple black Urad dal. Crispy Spinach and onions bring more flavors to the dish and butter add on to the heavenly creaminess as usual.

Punjabi cuisines are home to many spicy rich and creamy dishes but chaats have a whole load of cool and lively vibe. Hope the above mouth-watering famous Punjabi food recipes have spiked your interest in food. Live to Eat or Eat to live, either way, you Eat.