/Maharashtrian snacks-10 iconic flavors you must try
Maharashtrian snacks

Maharashtrian snacks-10 iconic flavors you must try

Maharashtrians take great pride in their food. They have many flavors and spices at play in their cuisine which actually helps the state stand out. There are many world-famous Maharashtrian snacks but how many have you tried? This list here will tell you about the 10 iconic Maharashtrian snacks you must try.

Start feasting your eyes as you read-

  1. Alu Vadi:  This snack is a proper meal in itself. It is taste and nutrition packed in a roll. Alu Vadi is a pea paste smeared over the arbi leaves which are they fried or steamed. They are a relish for the eyes and feast for the mouth. The soft yet crisp bites are literally melt-in-the-mouth.
  2. Puran Poli- Every state has its own version and variation of Puran Poli but this Maharashtrian snack has flavors like no other. It is a traditional sweet dish of Maharashtra and is very popular during festivals. The sweet filling is made from of jaggery, cardamom, a very chana dal.Maharashtrian snacks
  3. Thalipeeth-This is an Indian pancake and the recipe calls for the use of three different types of flours. It is a savory snack and curd compliments it very well.
  4. Misal Pav- Very similar to Vada pav but yet different, missal pav is a brunch must have. It is crunchy, sweet and savory hence very famous during the summer season.
  5. Kothimbir Vada- This dish is very easy and quick to make. It is usually served as a side to the main dishes. It is also a favorite snack though. Kothimbir in Marathi translates to coriander which is the main ingredient in this dish. Kothimbir vada is a fried dish and spices like zeera and mustard bring the flavor of coriander to play.
  6. Bhakarwadi- Bhakarwadi is an extremely popular Maharashtrian snack and is said to be addictive due to its sweet and tangy taste. It is a fried snack and the dough is rolled as a pinwheel before frying it. It is tangy as tamarind pulp and lemon juice is used. Sugar is also added to give the snack a sweet vibe.
  7. Sabudana khichdi- Sabudana khichdi is a famous Maharashtrian snack which is eaten during the religious fasts. It is usually made from sago pearls and it is a really tasty snack if one knows how to make it.
  8. Chakli- The chakli is a very famous Indian snack and almost every state has its own version of it. The Maharashtrian chakli uses sesame seeds and urad dal flour to give the snack its unique crispiness.
  9. Pudachi vada- This is another version of Bakarwadi which is from western Maharashtra. In this snack, dried coconut powder, chili powder, and coriander along with other spices are used to give it a different taste.
  10. Modak- Modak is a sweet snack and is widely made during the Ganesh Chaturthi, which is the national festival of Maharashtra. The outer covering is made from khowa or all-purpose flour and the sweet filling is made from jaggery, freshly shredded coconut and dry fruits.

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