/10 famous Indian snacks you must try
Indian snacks

10 famous Indian snacks you must try

Munching snacks whether free or not is the hobby of many. Garam samosas and hot chai are just an introduction to Indian Snacks. There a dozens of snacks out there in India which are worth tasting and experimenting with.

This list is for you foodies out there who want to try every snack worth eating. Here are 10 famous Indian snacks you must try.

  1. Kalwa Chai- Snacking and no chai, it’s impossible! Kalwa chai is a Kashmiri chai and is loaded with spices. It rightly deserves its place in the list of comfort foods. It is a must have Indian snack.
  2. Kulu Trout- This Himachali dish makes for a tasty Indian snack which is filling as well. It is a fried fish dish and made from the trout found only in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.
  3. Delhi Chaat-Believe it or not, there are souls in India who did not touch gol gappas or chat let alone try them. Crispy aloo Tikki chaat, papdi chat or dahi balllas, delhi is snack heaven. Try out chats of various types as they are a must have Indian snack.Indian snacks
  4. Agra ka Petha- This delicacy is native of Agra and comes in various flavors like chocolate, grapes, orange,rose,mango, etc. It is a soft translucent sweet dish made from white pumpkin.
  5. Kebabs from Lucknow- Not just the nawabs, but you too can enjoy the tasty kebabs from Lucknow. The most tasty non-vgeterian snacks of all times, kebabs sooth the taste buds and filling at the same time. Ask for the curd dip whenever snacking on kebabs which is incomplete without that.
  6. Litti Chokha from Bihar- not just big on politics, Bihar has some amazing foods too. Litti Chowka is one of them. They basically are sattu balls which are baked in tandoor and served with curd, baigan bharta or Aloo. This delicious Indian snack is definitely comforting.
  7. Momos- This South Asian dish paved its way into the Indian heart and stomach due to its texture and taste. Steamed or fried, momo is a delicious Indian snack that is easily available these days. No need to head to a fancy restaurant to have momos, as many have street vendors have mastered the art of preparing it.
  8. Kutchi Dabeli- This Gujrati version of Vada Pav is crunchy, nutty and flavorsome. The bun is sliced and placed with an aloo patty and filled with tangy sauces, pomegranate seeds, fried peanuts, and sev.
  9. Jalebi and Poha- Who could have thought of this weird but tasty Indian snack? Indore is known for its variety of snack combinations and Poha plus jalebi is one of it. Sweet and savory both, this dish is plated with jalebis, flattened poha rice, diced onions and chilies. A mix of turmeric and salt plus a few drops of lime juice make the dish complete.
  10. Chocolate toast- last but not the least every one  must try Indian snack which is from Pune, the chocolate toast will melt your heart. The warm chocolate on the butter toasted bread smells great and tastes divine.

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