/Mughlai dishes- The 10 Astoundingly delicious dishes
Mughlai dishes

Mughlai dishes- The 10 Astoundingly delicious dishes

Indian culinary recipes are incomplete without the mention of dishes from the Mughal period. Great chefs are traveled extensively just to study the balance of spices that make Mughlai dishes so delectably tasty. Here we present to you 10 astoundingly delicious Mughlai dishes that can be easily made at home

Mughlai paratha- This is not your regular paratha that is kneaded with curd and cooked till crisp. This paratha has minced meat filling and is fried to achieve that crispness. It is served with potato curry on the side.

  1. Haleem- This world-famous dish is a gift from the Mughal kitchen. It is a creamy yet textured dish that incorporates wheat, oats, barley, meat, and spices together. Today you will find various variations of haleem but the authentic recipe stands out for its precision in use of spices.
  2. Kachri Kheema- this dish is made using papaya, coconut, and minced meat. It is a very popular Mughlai dish and it is said that several tries are needed to perfect the blend of papaya and coconut.
  3. Murgh Musalaam- This dish is a very common find in eateries these days and everyone has their unique take on the dish. But it should be noted that the original dish was creamy and loaded with spices.
  4. Nargisi Kofta- Did you know that most of the Mughlai dishes were created as the need of the hour to impress the then rulers and there were no earlier of them. Whenever the Mughal king would get a bad temper or would feel, the chefs were asked to please them. Nargisi kofta is one such find. The royal chef wrapped up mined meat over a boiled egg as a surprise factor and presented the curry.
  5. Murgh Rezala- This Mughlai dish is more like a rich mutton soup than a gravy that tastes great with a Lacha paratha. The meat is braised in a broth of spices till it falls off the bone. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to prepare this dish over wood.Mughlai dishes
  6. Mutton Rogan gosht- another famous Mughlai dish that is traveled the world is the mutton Rogan gosht. The meat is cooked to perfection in two steps. First, it is shallow fried and then cooked in the aromatic gravy. It is served along with flavored zeera rice and parathas.
  7. Navratan korma- The Mughals loved their vegetables too. They relished it with similar delight and their chefs came up with clever recipes to make vegetables interesting. One such invention is the Navratan korma which utilized several vegetables to make the creamy curry. The korma is topped with fried nuts and pomegranate taste to give it a unique nutty, sweet and savory taste.
  8. Desserts were an integral part of Mughlai cuisine and we will mention two famous Mughlai sweet dishes– the Shahi Tukhrey. It was the task those days to make this sweet. First, the bread had to be baked to perfection and deep fried in ghee to get crisp. Making this dish was indeed a royal affair hence the name Shahi Tukhrey.
  9. Anjeer Halwa- The Mughals liked their food to be rich in ingredients, taste, and presentation. The Anjeer halwa is everything Mughal. It is mandatory that great quality of Khowa and condensed milk be used to make this halwa. The Angeers add a crisp bite to the dish which makes it unique.

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