iPhone Photography Tips-just click on it and enjoy

iPhone Photography Tips

Good Photography depends on good quality of camera and good quality means, ability to capture the image sharp and clear, having ultra-wide lenses, a greater number of mega pixels, good image quality, the size and weight, zooming with no reduction of the image quality and etc. Can all these qualities fit into a single less expensive camera? Yes, Iphone does all that for you. So let us talk about iphone photography tips today.

iPhone Photogrpahy Tips for perfect pictures

Don’t have a DSLR(Digital single-lens reflex) camera to click amazing breath-taking pictures?  Let us get out of the myth that says you need DSLR’s or other high-end cameras for good pictures.  Photography on phones can get you some high-end quality pictures, especially if it’s a privileged phone like an iPhone. Don’t believe us? Some of the amazing pictures are clicked are iPhone photography, which are unbelievably true. Check out our ultra cool iphone photography tips.

  • Use the volume button:

We have seen peers take shaky pictures, which causes the image to get blurry. Shaky pictures are usually taken whilst trying to click the picture from the camera button, we suggest you to avoid it and use the volume button, fingers reach out easily, without disturbing the picture and hands don’t get shaky, the phone is in control. Focus and snap, with volume button and there you go, this is one of the most important tips.

  • Burst mode:

Burst modes are often used while you’re trying to capture a moving object or a flying object, normal trying to capture a moving object gets very tidy or you miss the shot. Clicking moving objects, showcasing the movement is itself a beautiful picture, that is when burst mode in an iPhone comes in handy as a useful tip. iPhone makes it comfortable for the user to get a perfect moving snap in iPhone photography.

iPhone Photography Tips

  • HDR mode;

High dynamic range as the name suggests, the photographs taken in this mode will be better than taken on normal mode. It can be used to get a detailed part of the object or senior in very dark or bright areas. Under normal camera too bright or dark background can lead to no good pictures. But, iPhone sorts it out for you giving the access to the HDR mode which gives out more impact than usual and is a life-changing tip while clicking a picture.

  • Portrait mode:

Portrait mode is often used by everyone a photographer or non-photographer who uses an iPhone as it blurs the background and only focuses on the object you are trying to capture. This helps in blurring the unwanted hotchpotch behind your image and makes it exclusive.

  • Third party apps:

As good is the camera on iPhone, you can enhance your pictures filter, shade, edit minor inconveniences, on a third-party app .Third-party apps like VSCO, pro-camera, musecam and etc to set your picture the way you want it to be exactly.

So, get started with these tips for great pictures with iPhone today.Also read about


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