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Madhya Pradesh-The top 10 places to visit in the state

Madhya Pradesh

When you decide to visit India, you aren’t supposed to ignore visiting Madhya Pradesh. It is considered as the best Indian state to go with when it comes to unveiling beauty and adventure of amazing tourist places in India. If you are planning to explore incredible India, you shouldn’t forget exploring the top 10 tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

So, let’s check out stated below 10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

1 .Khajuraho : Unveil Ancient Erotic Sculpture, Khajuraho is basically famous for its ancient temples. There are various temples incorporated with lots erotic carvings. If you want to witness the Indian ancient architecture, traditional and sexual life of primitive people in India, you shouldn’t forget unveiling the beauty of Khajuraho.

2. Bandhavgarh National Park: If you love exploring natural wonders, you shouldn’t forget visiting at Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. There was a time when this area in Rewa was used as the hunting ground for royal people i.e. kings. Now, it is considered as the best tiger reserve area. If you have keen in interest in unveiling vegetation and wildlife, you need to visit at this National Park.Madhya Pradesh

3. Ujjain: Sacred Place to Visit, This ancient town is located on the eastern bank of famous Shipra River in district Malwa in Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain city is considered among the top sacred cities in India. The major attraction of this city is Kumbh Mela.

4.Gwalior: If you want to explore historical palaces, monuments, temples, and other structures, you need to visit at Gwalior. This city speaks about the glorious past of India.

5.Bhopal: Bhopal city is famous two incredible man-made lakes. It is considered among the most visited tourist cities in Madhya Pradesh. There are various historical structures in the city to explore. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhopal is Taj-Ul-Masjid. This mosque was constructed by a famous female ruler of Bhopal.

6. Kanha National Park: It is located in Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park is famous for its wildlife, vegetation and fauna. If you want to observe the life of more than 300 species, you must visit at this national park in Madhya Pradesh.

7.Bhedaghat: Bhedaghat is basically famous for its marble rocks. If you are looking for a distinct tourist place to visit in Madhya Pradesh, you shouldn’t forget visiting at this city.

8.Sanchi: Do you want to explore a tourist place that can also help you witnessing the rich heritage of Buddhist monuments? If yes, the Sanchi is a great tourist place to go with. It is a world heritage site. You can witness different types of Stupas and other Buddhist monuments here. It is certainly the best place to observe the history of Mourya and Ashoka dynasty.

9.Orchha : Orchha is renowned for its incredible palaces, temples, forts, and various other historical structures. If you love clicking amazing photographs, this could be a great paradise for you.

10. Indore: This city is famous for its amazing cultural heritage. There are several landscapes that speak volumes about the culture, traditions and people of Indore. In India, it is said that Indore is home to various people who have an artistic touch in them. When you plan to visit Madhya Pradesh, Indore should be on the itinerary.


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