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The fit principle – Success with routine

The fit principle

The fit principle – Success with routine, From the living room  to your new exercise routine in 10 weeks. Stay healthy, strong and fit and start an eventful life full of energy!

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Regular and properly performed exercise can be your solution!

  • Tense back
  • Lack of energy and drive
  • Too many kilos on the hips
  • Everything is stiff and pinches
  • Strength and endurance dwindle
  • Discomfort in the body

Can you answer at least one question with YES? – Then you are exactly right here!

Strength training in old age pointless and dangerous?

Only through strength training can we slow down and delay the decline in our strength. This is the only way that all everyday activities, such as shopping, gardening, walking several floors and so on, can be carried out independently well into old age and the quality of life remains high. You can even improve your strength through regular strength training – no matter how old you are! So it’s never too late, but now is the perfect moment to start strength training.

Remember: strength training = muscle protection!

Aging healthily is more important than ever!

Do you want to stay fit and healthy into old age ?
Then you are exactly right here!

Staying healthy in the long term is more important than ever! The quality of life is only high if we can manage our everyday activities independently. One of the most important factors for this is regular physical exercise. The nice thing about it: you have it in your own hands!
Only you are responsible for what movement stimuli you provide your body and how your physical condition develops.

If you want to get started now and work on your health and fitness in the long term , then use this course.
In this video course I show you what you should do, how much exercise is necessary and which exercises and intensities are most effective.


Can you still get fit at 60 or 70?

In a nutshell: Yes, of course!
The great thing about our body is that it doesn’t lose its trainability . This means, no matter how old you are:

it’s never too late to start training!

There are studies that have shown that some training exercises, when carried out to the right extent, have led to enormous strength gains in senior residents. This has massively improved the quality of life of these residents.

However, you shouldn’t imagine training like that of a professional athlete. As you get older, it’s all about doing the right exercises and thereby regularly providing the body with the stimuli it needs. We have to give the body the information at regular intervals through targeted exercise that our muscles are still needed. If we don’t do this, our body breaks down the existing muscle reserves, we become weaker, everyday activities become more difficult and we lose quality of life. With the right stimuli, however, we can maintain our fitness and health for a long time and continue to improve it as we get older.

The fit principle  for Muscle building exercises for seniors

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can strengthen and build your muscles at any age – there is no such thing as too old . But not all strength training is the same. When training to build muscle, we try to trigger muscle hypertrophy, in other words muscle growth. It is important that the exercises are carried out with a certain intensity and with a certain number of repetitions. As a general rule, it can be said that muscle fatigue should occur after 8-15 repetitions or after an exercise time of approx. 1 minute. This will ensure that you train at the right intensity.

In this online course I will show you special exercises that train the most important muscle groups in your body. I’ll show you exactly how to do the exercise and what you need to pay attention to. I limit myself to a few but effective exercises. In addition, each exercise is offered in different variations, so that everyone can take part from their living room .

The fit principle Endurance training in old age

Not only strength training but also coordination, balance and, above all, endurance training play an important role in old age . Endurance training is particularly worth highlighting because it helps you train your cardiovascular fitness.

Endurance training offers you protection against many social diseases , such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, diabetes…etc.
That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of medium-intensity endurance training per week. That may sound like a lot at the beginning, but in this course I’ll show you how you can slowly increase the amount of training from week to week so that you can do the 150 minutes with ease.

Very short endurance units form the cornerstone of this online course. In the first two weeks, even a short endurance training stimulus is enough for your muscles. The main thing is that you build up your new exercise routine in which you move every day. As soon as your muscles have gotten used to regular exercise, we start strength training in week three. After all, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself, but rather find a slow introduction to an eventful everyday life. Coordination and balance training will also be added later.

The training plan for seniors

Regardless of whether you are a competitive athlete, a recreational athlete or a senior citizen, you can only achieve training success if you set a goal and work in small steps to achieve your goal. That’s why a training plan and formulating your goals are so important. Goals help you find the daily motivation to implement the training and a training plan helps you to always keep an eye on the path to the goal. 

A lot of people fail when trying to exercise regularly because they just start without thinking about their goal or the reason. After 2-3 weeks, the initial motivation disappears and everything is back to normal. Be honest, don’t you know that?

This makes formulating your goals and your individual training plan all the more important .
In this online course we set ourselves a goal right from the start. We measure your initial state and I show you exactly what needs to be done week after week.

Your online fitness course

In this online course, I will introduce you to the content you need to stay fit and healthy in the long term in over 30 motivating and appealing videos. You can watch everything directly from the living room and do most of the things right in the living room. You can implement the content directly and without preparation. It will be easy for you and you will enjoy it!

Each lesson consists of a short introductory video in which I summarize the most important content of the respective week. You will also receive more detailed information in text form so that you can read through everything at your leisure. At the end of each lesson you will find the exact training plan for the current week to download. If you would like more information about the course structure, click the button…

Your guide to healthy aging


Daily exercise is the core of this course – this is how exercise becomes your habit!
This is easier than you think!


  • Individual exercise variations
  • Individual training intensities
  • Individual training planning

Scientifically based

Aligned with the international exercise recommendations of the World Health Organization. Refined with current scientific findings !


How can I stay fit with this The fit principle ?

1. Purchase the course and you will receive access data to the course area by email .

3. A new lesson is automatically activated for you every week.

2. Start your first training today !

4. Move daily! Discover your new body feeling and feel the success!

€ 189,-

Buy once and benefit from your new exercise habit for life
(2 week money-back guarantee)

Step-by-step instructions

No previous knowledge necessary

Can be implemented anywhere
. No devices necessary

Perfect for beginners

The fit principle – Success with routine ,Two-week money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel the course within the first two weeks without giving any reason with one click and get your money back! 

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