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Remedies for pimples – Getting rid of pimples

Remedies for pimples

DIY (do it yourself) is the current flavor for anything and everything these days. From remodeling dresses to making sofas, DIY’s are in. why not for beauty then. Pimples on the face occur due to excessive oil and dirt. Acne is also a result of pimples and can make the face look dull and gloomy.
Remedies for pimples on face when done at home are cost effective and the results are immediate at times.

Below are a few essential tips or remedies for pimples on face. 

1. Toothpaste- yes, it’s possible to overcome pimples troubles with toothpaste. Apply it on the pimple at night and place a cotton mesh over it to ensure it doesn’t spread. The results next morning would astonish you.

The toothpaste acts on the pimple by drying it out.Make sure that the paste is white and not gel based. Works well on all skin types.

2. Peppermint essential oil and vitamin E- This aromatic mix should be applied directly on the pimple and left uncovered. It has antimicrobial properties and acts like an astringent.Peppermint also helps in reducing the selling and redness around the pimple. Reapplyafter a few hours again to speed up the process.

3. Lemon oil- lemons have been used to in remedies for pimples on face like forever. Lemon oil has antimicrobial properties and inhibits free radial damage on skin.Remedies for pimples

4. Honey and mint- it is well known that mint and honey can ease dark under eye troubles but it is also a fact these two are magic when it comes to pimples. Pure honey makes sure that pimples are gone forever and mint helps remove the pimple itself. A face mask using honey and mint is a great moisturizer for the face as well.

5. Green Tea- Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties are plenty in green tea. Dip a face mask in the tea for 15 minutes and apply it on the face to experience the coolness of green tea.

6. Aspirin- From the medicine cabinet, aspirin is a real saver. Break down the pill and dissolve it in little filtered water and apply it directly on the zit. Aspirin reduces the inflammation on the pimple and dries it up.

7. Aloe Vera- A wonder plant, Aloe has the answers for everything. It is a burn relieving agent and fights scaring from pimples as well. Just slice the aloe leaf in the middle and spoon out some out some its gel and apply directly on face.

8. Apple cider vinegar- Malic and lactic acids found in apple cider vinegar reduce inflammation and treat acne from within. Mix equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and apply on the skin using a cotton ball. Remember to shake the mix well before use.

9. Acidic fruits like oranges, gooseberry etc also effective as remedies for pimples on face. Just absorb their juices in a cotton swap and apply directly on the pimple spot.

10. Ice cubes- Yes ice it up and lose it. One of the most effective results for losing a pimple comes from ice. Hold it in a soft cloth and press against the pimple for two minutes, keep repeating until you see observable difference. Ice acts by reducing swelling and shrinks the pimples. Pimples on the face are confidence downers hence immediate efforts are needed to address them. Just use one of the above remedies for pimples on face to get the shine back.

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