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Developing the immune system according to age 

Developing the immune system

Age isn’t just a number when it comes to health and lifestyle. Not having age-appropriate immunity is not only a scary ordeal but is also a reckless way of living life. To respect the life we have been blessed with and to nourish our body as part of self-love, immunity is most important. Here you will learn about developing the immune system according to age.

Fact: Immunity gets weaker with age but can be worked upon and boosted.

Myth: Immunity cannot reboot itself.

Newborns: Vaccinations are often debated as many believe the addition of dead bacteria or viruses can cause issues. There is another side of vaccination which has helped many newborns fight and evade deadly infections and diseases like smallpox and polio. One should know that neonates have suppressed immunity hence immunity shots in their early life have a credible effect on their later life. Apart from vaccination, breastfeeding also helps grow immunity. For those whom breastfeeding is a concern can seek doctors help in getting special baby milk formula.

Toddlers: Continued breastfeeding helps grow immunity in leaps and bounds. Adding plenty of dairy, green veggies and fruits will not only give better health but also an all-rounded development. Serve warm meals and try to avoid carbonated beverages. This is the age where they learn more motor movements and will touch and inspect everything. Try sanitizing almost everything within reach for better protection. Warm broths of bone soup or pulses are also great for immunity.

Ages 3 to 5: This time in their life they will be in preschool and have more interaction with other beings. Germs and bacteria will be exchanged through play and toys. Adding more probiotics in their diet will tremendously help with their immunity.  Avoid stressing the kid over not eating enough food or not being active enough. Even stress at this age isn’t good for mental wellbeing. Talk to the pediatrician and seeks ways to develop immunity organically. Encourage your kids towards eating food which contains more zinc, vitamin c. Add dry fruits like walnuts and almonds in their diet. Introduce peanut butter for strong bones. Teach them deep breathing as a game and explore more self-soothing techniques.

Children:As the children grow older they should be made well aware of hygiene practices. Simple steps like washing hands before and after eating, after visiting the washroom, after playing in the dirt or even after shaking hands with others will keep them safe and away from the prying attack of the bacteria and viruses. Teach them the importance of keeping a tissue or a napkin at hand always. Once they can align their feelings towards cleanliness and hygiene, the logic of eating right will also sweep in. It’s not just the kids who have to avoid candy, elders too should steer clear from these addictive health hazards. Practice everything before you preach it. Kids learn by copying their elders.

Teenagers: This is the phase where they believe junk is life. There is no right way of nurturing the importance of nutrition but this is the age where they are more impressionable and hang on to words. Be active yourself, eat clean, and limit the number of junk and processed food in your refrigerator. Have a cheat day in a week and let the teen chose what they want to eat. This way they would feel more involved and look ward to give their contributions at home. If your child is an active reader subscribe to health and fitness magazines apart from newspapers and comics. This will help your kid grow intellectually as well as responsibly.

Once a person is in his 20s and 30s eating responsible should be an option but be a choice. They have a lot on their plate apart from expectations and reality so immunity will help take care of them from within. They should include more of omega 3 fatty acids, fatty fish with EPA, and DHA stimulators for an all-rounded well being which helps in Developing the immune system according to age.

Cross of the retirement of immunity because you will need it till the end of life. It’s one constant pillar of support that needs maintenance to serve you better. Remember there is no substitute for immunity. All the medicines in the world are designed on the faith that immunity will be there for back up. Turn towards comforts foods like soups and vegetable or protein-based broths. These dishes contain a good amount of nutrition which helps boost immunity in the not so active years. Add mild exercises in your routine and take up a hobby.

Developing immune system doesn’t stop at any age. Put the numbers to rest and work on getter fitter and better.

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