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Benefits of waxing the face -Read and experience it

Benefits of waxing the face

There are many cosmetic procedures out there that can remove unwanted hair from the face and waxing is one of them. Everyone desires a beautiful well-groomed skin especially on the face and hence we tend to try every method possible. Benefits of waxing the face are plenty to list and overshadow the pain associated with the procedure is as follows.

  1. Exfoliation of the skin– Exfoliation is a process of rubbing slightly coarse substances like sugar, oatmeal, walnut or almond scrubs in circular motions on the face to get rid of the dead skin cells. This benefit can be achieved by waxing the face which is way gentler. It is actually recommended to exfoliate the face a few days prior to your waxing appointment as the pores which open up during exfoliation get time to close. This kind of post exfoliation waxing will keep the unwanted hair from growing inwards.
  2. Reduced Inflammation– Shaving causes inflammation and repeatedly practicing this procedure cause’s chronic skin inflammation. The science behind this is that the razor and the natural skin give rise to friction when they come in contact and leads to skin inflammation and discoloration. Darker skin is more prone to skin discoloration and inflammation. At times excessive skin discoloration can also be a sign of diabetes. Benefits of waxing the face mean friction is not repeated. Monthly waxing appointments handle hair woes well and chances of skin discoloration are less.
  3. No blood loss– Shaving causes cuts and nicks. A second of negligence and your face suffers the consequence. When using soap and foam, the chances of having the razor slip on the skin of the face is high no matter however careful you are. Waxing reduces the chances of such damage.
  4. Ingrown hair– The hair that grows into the skin is called ingrown hair and can cause cysts (red inflamed bumps) on the skin of the face. This a very irritating and pesky problem to deal but thankfully regular moisturizing can help to an extent. In order to avoid the menace of ingrown hairs, the waxing procedure should be rightly done. The pull of the wax strip should be fast and the skin should be held tight during the pull.
  5. No itching or prickly sensations– When the hairs grow back, the skin gets itchy and prickly especially when shaving is involved. Waxing actually makes the skin soft and supple. The razor cuts the hair but does not eliminate it complete hence the roughness.
  6. Less hair growth– It is not a myth that waxing reduces the growth of the hair but is, in fact, the truth. Waxing pulls the hairs from its roots which makes the hair follicles weaker with time hence less hair growth. With repeated waxing session the hair gets sparser and sparser.

The benefits of waxing the face can be experienced when done by licensed estheticians who use accurate waxing accessories. Genetics also play a major role in deciding the presence of hair and their growth rate.

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