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Baby sleep miracle

Discover the Scientifically Proven Solution That Gets Your Baby to Sleep like Clockwork

It works even if everything else failed Proven by 17,643 well rested parents (and counting)

Mary-Ann Schuler is a child psychologist and parenting expert with over 20 years of experience

She and her program Baby Sleep Miracle have been featured in publications such as “Parenting Magazine”, “Easy Parenting”, “Parents” and many more

Her posts on social media reach over 750,000 parents every month and she speaks on several conferences every year.

Hi, my name is Mary-Ann Schuler

And the next few minutes can literally save your sanity and maybe even your child’s life

Because not only will I show you a scientifically proven way to have your child enjoy restful sleep…

I will also reveal why standard advice, like Ferberizing or co-sleeping , can cause long-lasting damage to your child’s nervous system

Damage that makes him more susceptible to anxiety disorders and even panic attacks later in life

Scientifically Proven Method to Get Your Baby to Sleep

The information I’m sharing here with you is entirely based on ground-breaking research done by Harvard Medical School and the Stanford Center For Sleep Science and Medicine, along with my over 20 years of experience as a child psychologist

But most importantly I am a mother just like you. And in this letter I want to tell you how the fitful sleep of my 3 year old sweetheart, Louis, led me to a discovery that has already helped more than 17,643 parents to finally enjoy the restful sleep they have been craving,

Thousands of Mothers Tried It Already

People like Mary Olsen from Trinity, Florida:

“Hi Mary-Ann. I just wanted to say thank you. When I found your presentation, I was so sleep deprived I could barely remember my own name

I think I spent at least 7 hours a day rocking little Ava to sleep. I felt so lost and alone in my sleep deprivation, I often started crying for no reason. I had tried all kinds of sleep training techniques and strategies without success. I was worried you’d talk about the same old but boy was I wrong!

Your information is clear, concise and straight to the point. Even better, it works! The proof is right here in my hands. Thank you from all of us.”

Baby Sleep Miracle Works for Almost Every Child

Now don’t worry: Reading this letter won’t cost you a cent. Even though I’m giving away so much free, yet hard-to-find information, I’ve been told I should charge for it

So keep reading it to the end now while it’s still online and still free

Because the tips it contains will regulate your child’s sleeping patterns the holistic way

I’m sure you’ve already tried other methods so you know:

Many of them are not just ineffective, but downright dangerous

And why would your risk your little one’s health when you can soon enjoy a happier, more-relaxed and easier-to-parent child who looks forward to his bed time just as much as you do

Fact is, falling asleep is a habit and all kids can learn it, no matter their age

I know it’s hard to believe and I would have been the first to doubt it, just one year back

My Own Weird Story with Baby Sleep

You see, when Louis was born, we were on cloud 9. Not only was he the cutest baby we’d ever seen, he was also an amazing sleeper

And while all our friends kept complaining about wakeful nights, we felt we’d won the lottery twice

But during the 4th month everything changed. All of a sudden Louis woke up every two hours, sometimes every hour

Every single night. And the more tired he was the faster his wheels were spinning. Much like an overwound toy until they crash

At first, we thought it was just a temporary thing. And that we could soon go back to being a happy and well-rested family

But we couldn’t have been more wrong

Nothing Seemed to Get My Baby to Sleep

Louis sleeping problems continued and we started growing desperate. What made it even worse was my feeling of guilt

I loved him so much and now he was suffering and I couldn’t help him

What was I doing wrong? Why were we failing so badly at being good parents? I was a psychologist for crying out loud!

Something like this should never happen to me

I was clearly in over my head . It sounds logical looking back but it took me months to throw in the towel and look for outside help We went online to find a solution. But it felt like drinking from a firehose. An avalanche of conflicting information that makes you feel even more lost

And yet we bought the books, the tapes and even got a $200 “sleep consultation” that gave us advice so terrible we decided not even to try it

I’m Still Embarrassed to Tell this, but…

I finally hit the breaking point when – after 5 months of sleep deprivation – my husband caught me screaming at Louis, screaming to keep his mouth shut

I wasn’t angry with him. I was angry with myself. And I felt humiliated for being a mean bee who shouted at her own innocent boy

At that moment I knew: If I didn’t take decisive action… if I didn’t find a way to restore the sleep of my child… I would either have to check myself into a rehab center – or end up divorced

So I reached out to doctors and psychologists I had worked with in the past. The response was overwhelming

Not only did they share their professional experience with me. They also granted me access to their exclusive medical databases.

How I Came to Discover the Baby Sleep Miracle

Armed with this knowledge my real work began

I sifted through hundreds of studies looking for patterns I could work into an easy-to-follow sleep program for my son

And the good news for you is: I managed to find “sleep-tricks” which will instantly calm down your baby

Even better: They work without you buying expensive pacifiers… dangerous swings or relying on outdated and harmful methods like Ferberizing. And I’ll share them with you in just a moment

But first, I need to warn you: Because in my research I stumbled onto some shocking information I can’t keep from you any longer

If You Read Nothing Else, Read This

The truth is: Some ways of sleep training are scientifically proven to cause serious harm to your child. And you need to stop using them right now if you want to protect your little one’s health

The most dangerous and yet common method is Ferberizing or letting your child “cry himself out”

Did you know that the inventor of this method, Richard Ferber, isn’t even a psychologist? And that he is trained only in physical, but not in mental health? It’s a like a miner trying to play dentist with his power drill

And it gets even worse: Harvard researchers discovered in a recent study that babies who are left crying suffer long-lasting damage to their nervous systems

Worse still, these children are more susceptible in later life to anxiety disorders, including panic attacks

Can it really be a coincident that anxiety disorders have increased dramatically in recent years as kids raised with Ferberizing hit their teens? I sure don’t think so

And neither does Margot Sunderland, Director of Education and Training at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London

She is even convinced that if you leave your child crying repeatedly without reassurance, his brain will develop less than optimally

It is thus safe to say that Ferberizing is dangerous and you should never use it!

The next serious warning concerns the use of baby swings and I’ll keep it short: Never let your child sleep in his swing!

This is not just an advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s a recommendation by the experts of the Consumer Protection Safety Commission

The sad fact is every day more than 5 children under age 5 are treated in emergency care for swing related accident. And some of them even die

I feel it is my duty to bring this deadly threat to your attention because nothing is more important than the safety of your child


Tip #1 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

So now that you know what not do… let me give you some tips which will immediately help your baby’s sleep

Here’s the first tip: Laugh together. No, this isn’t a joke or some weird therapy

Laugher is your most powerful ally against the main reason why your child isn’t sleeping: Tension

You see, the world is a scary place for your baby. He doesn’t understand most things and thus anxiety and tension build up during his day

And when it’s time to sleep it keeps him awake or causes terrifying nightmares. No wonder he wakes up crying!

Psychologist Dr. Laura Markham calls it the child’s “Emotional Backpack”. And nothing will help them to release the tension faster than a healthy laugh

I’ll share the best ways to make your child laugh later in this presentation

Roberta Edwards put this one trick to the test and here’s what she wrote me:

“Mary-Ann, you really know what you’re talking about with that tension relief! My 14-months-old used to wake up 6 to 7 times before midnight. But now that he gets his giggles in he sleeps up to 9 hours straight. It’s truly a miracle. You’re the best!”

Tip #2 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

The second tip is about a common mistake I’ve been guilty of myself. It’s to get your little one go to bed late

You would think he’d be more tired making things easy for you. But you couldn’t be more wrong

Because once your child is up longer than he should, his body gets flushed by stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol

And they keep him going like a double espresso right before bedtime, sabotaging any attempts to put him to sleep. Never let it come so far!

The ideal bedtime for your child depends on his age and I’ll tell you all the details in a bit.

Tip #3 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

But first, let’s talk about tip #3. And many of my friends laugh at me when I tell them about it. Because it is completely counter-intuitive

And yet it’s absolutely true

Your child falls asleep the fastest not in a quiet environment but in a noisy one

I know it sounds incredible… but hear me out. Because I’m not making this up. It’s a scientific fact proven in a little-known study done by the Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London

Now keep in mind this isn’t just any noise Dr. Daniel Moran and his colleagues are talking about here. It’s a special noise and once you play it to your little one, he’ll feel safe and protected and fall asleep almost instantly

Introducing the Simplest Way to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Ok, this was a lot of information I’ve shared with you so far

And maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and that’s OK

It’s hard to remember it all, especially when you’re tired and with a crying baby in your arms

I know how it is and that’s why I’ve tried to find a solution to make it easy for you

So now you can find all the information of this presentation and a lot more in my guide “Baby Sleep Miracle”

It is the fastest…easiest… scientifically proven method to solve your baby’s sleeping problems… once and for all

But before I tell you more about it I need to make one thing clear: If you are looking for some sort of “magic pill” … my program is NOT for you

It is true that is works with surprising speed for almost everyone who tried it. But only if you let it

There are some simple steps you’ll need to follow or otherwise it will fail you. And the last thing I want is to disappoint you

Here’s What You’ll Discover in This Guide

So let’s take a look what you’ll discover in “Baby Sleep Miracle”:

Why you should never nurse or rock your toddler to sleep – and what to do instead

The secret of Refilling Your Child’s Love Tank and keeping him off breakdown lane for good

How to release your kid’s build-up anxiety in 5 minutes flat

The 7-steps to put any baby to sleep – even if he’s cranky and clingy and everything else failed

The California Institute of Technology’s surprising trick to boost your child’s secret sleep hormone to doze-off levels – 100% drug-free and safe at any age

And much, much more!

Why Baby Sleep Miracle is Different

And don’t think for a minute “Baby Sleep Miracle” would be a one-size-fits-all approach like the Pantley Method

Fact is: Elizabeth Pantley completely ignored the personality of your child. Little wonder since she isn’t a psychologist or doctor

And while the Pantley method divides babies in just two age groups, “Baby Sleep Miracle” has 9 of them because as the American academy of pediatrics points out… there are distinct developmental differences between these 9 age groups which influence your child’s sleep

Did you know for example that in the first twelve months of your child’s life he forms 700 to 1000 new neural connections every second?

This is one of the reasons why an 8-month old will have an easier time recognizing and sticking with a bed time routine than a younger child

And it’s just one of the countless differences discovered by the scientist from the Harvard University Center on the Developing Child.


I’m firmly convinced Baby Sleep Miracle will help you avoid all these disasters. And that’s why I wanted to offer it to you at a price everyone can afford I think it would be a steal at $99 – especially with the videos it contains. But that price is not for you. Because of the upcoming Baby Day you receive a special discount

So you won’t pay the regular price of $99… And not $79… Not even $59…

If you act now and click the red “Add to Cart” button you see below this text, you can gain access to the entire Baby Sleep Miracle System for just $37

Keep in mind, this represents a more than 50% discount compared to the regular price of $99

And you won’t just receive Baby Sleep Miracle. I wanted to make this the easiest decision you ever made.


Your Questions – My Answers

So let me address some of the most common concerns here:

1. How fast can I expect results from Baby Sleep Miracle?

Some parents have literally seen overnight results… just from the tips I’ve shared in this presentation. But every baby is different and the truth is you’ll probably need to give it a couple of days or a week or two to see your first results. Baby Sleep Miracle picks you up where you are and guides you in simple steps to the point where your little one will sleep through the night, ever night.

2. Is Baby Sleep Miracle safe to use for my child?

For me as a mother the well-being of my child is the most important thing. And that’s why I focused so intensely on making Baby Sleep Miracle such a holistic and natural system to gently lead your baby to sleep. It is 100% safe for children of all ages and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes a day to put into practice.

3. How does your guarantee work?

My guarantee is simple. Baby Sleep Miracle needs to fulfill every single one of your expectations or else it’s free for you. And yes, you can even keep all the bonuses. And all you need to do is write me a quick email. I won’t ask any silly questions and just hand you your money back. I don’t think I can make this easier without insulting your intelligence.

4. Is my credit card data secured with you?

Extremely so. You are protected by the same security measures big banks and online retailers like Amazon are using. And because no one is physically handling your card, it’s actually safer to buy from this website than to shop at your store.

Ok, that was it. I know you love your child and you want only the best for him. And if I could I’d click the button for you

But of course, the decision to join our family of well-rested mothers and fathers is entirely up to you

I trust you’ll make the right choice and I look forward to seeing you on the other side


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