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Healthy scalp-perception towards chemical hair products

healthy scalp

Hair is the crowning glory to many. Some like it bald yet desire to get the squeaky clean glistening scalp. Apart from basic hygiene, there are a few tips that can help you achieve a healthy scalp. This article will elaborate on the 10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp.

  1. A well-rounded diet- Yes, balance is key to everything around us and so also involves the scalp. We are what we eat.. So much has been said about adding greens, eggs, chicken, and nuts to our diet as these food items do wonders for our hair. Foods that have antioxidant elements in them boost up metabolism and enhance blood circulation which is vital for nourishing the scalp.
  2. Massages- Treat your scalp to some love by trying deep root massages. A warm oil massage improves blood circulation and helps the oil in spreading evenly on the scalp. It not only provides the much-needed hydration to your scalp but also keeps the roots strong. Coconut oil is the go-to hair oil that is a natural conditioner as well as a vitamin-enriched medium for the scalp.
  3. Skip the hair wash- do you shampoo your hair every day? Well, if the answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time to quit the shampoo and just stick to showering. Shampooing the hair too often makes the scalp dry which in turn makes it itchy. The hair not only loses the much-needed moisture but also loses its strength. Try mild shampoos to maintain a healthy scalp.Health Tips-Healthy scalp
  4. Conditioner- How many of you experienced tangled hair after a bath? A conditioner is what you need if you want easily manageable hair. All the pulling and tugging of tangled hair stresses the roots on the scalp. For a healthy scalp avoid the fight with frizzy hair and opt for a conditioner.
  5. Hair colors- Yes, hair colors damage the scalp. It has been reported that frequent use of hair colors and hair bleaching agents cause breast cancer. Try natural hair colorants like henna which not only adds shine but also nourishes the scalp.
  6. Supplements- Hair supplements are in vogue these days but always consult with a medical professional before use. These supplements are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals needed for the hair hence overindulgence is not good for hair. Supplements enrich the scalp which directly boosts hair growth.
  7. Hair packs- hairs need some packing time to so try some natural hair packs like avocado, banana, and curd. They add shine to the hair and energize the scalp by moisturizing it. Use them once a week for great benefits.
  8. Hair protection- try to cover your hair whenever you are going to be out in the sun and too much heat dries the hair out and sweats the scalp. A hat or scarf will do wonders for the health of your scalp.
  9. Combing wet hair-It is a common practice that many follow- combing wet hair. Some believe that brushing the hair when wet makes the tangled web more manageable while some believe it straightens the hair out. In fact, the hair is more vulnerable to breakage during this time as the roots are too soft due to the hair wash.
  10. Last but the least this tip for your fingernails- keep the fingernails short as long nails are a good breeding ground for bacteria. These get easily transferred to the scalp when even you run your fingers through the hair.

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