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Curry Leaves know its healthy benefits

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves- yes, this is that ingredient in our food which we very quietly pick and place on the corner of our plate. We consider it to be inedible and only flavor worthy while cooking.

Curry leaves are not only an integral part of Indian cuisine but can also be found in food recipes of Australia, Nigeria, China and Ceylon. Apart from their contribution towards flavor, they also aid in digestion, weight loss, memory building, hair growth etc. This article here will tell you the top 10 incredible benefits of curry leaves.

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  1. Hair- not many know this but curry leaf is actually essential for healthy hair. They are known to promote hair growth and help with hair loss. They are useful when it comes to avoiding premature greying of hair. These leaf extract helps in dealing with dandruff as well.
  2. Memory- we all know how important memory. Curry leaves are being studied to help with Alzheimer’s and the results are really promising.
  3. Healing- These leaves have amazing healing potential and have been a part of age-old herbal science. Fresh curry paste is known to heal wounds, skin eruptions and burns. The carbazole component of curry leaves is the main healing compound here.Curry Leaves
  4. Stomach ailments- eating raw  leaves will help relieve an upset stomach. They not only stimulate digestive enzymes for a good bowel movement but also cool the stomach. Buttermilk with curry leaf powder is an excellent remedy for constipation, dysentery, and diarrhea.
  5. Nausea- morning sickness and nausea experienced during first trimester is very upsetting at times.  when consumed during this period helps in food digestion by escalating the digestive secretions thus reducing frequency of nausea and vomiting.
  6. Antibacterial-Its antibacterial property is quite note-worthy.They   have a compound called carbazole in them which is anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Our body goes through oxidative damage due to the infections we contract. These leaves are antibacterial and act against the oxidative damage.
  7. Diabetes control- For a diabetic, these leaves acts as a boon. Curry leaves act on the blood glucose and effectively reduce it. They even prevent the pancreatic damage which is caused by the free radicals and provide production to the cells producing insulin.
  8. Eyes- In the top ten incredible benefits of curry leaves, eyesight protection makes it on the list too. Early onset of cataract is prevented thanks to these leaves as they are loaded with vitamin A. So, the next time you think about removing it from your food, look carefully.
  9. Weight loss- oh the struggles of losing weight. Thanks to  this curry leaves, the carbazole compounds in it  which work in favour of weight loss by regulating the body cholesterol levels accordingly. Add dried curry leaf powder to meals, salads,chutneys and even shakes to lose weight.
  10. Stress buster- last but not the least, top 10 benefits of curry leaves includes its stress buster quality as well. These  leaf essential oil has a calming effect and helps reduce anxiety and depression.

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