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Top 10 Hyderabadi dishes-try at least once in a lifetime

Top 10 Hyderabadi dishes

Hyderabad, the land of nawabs, royalty, pearls, and mouth-watering relishes! All the famous Top 10 Hyderabadi
dishes are heavily inspired by Turkish, Mughlai and tandoori recipesDid you know that
most of the famous and divine tasting dishes of Hyderabad were made by the royal cooks to
please the then-nawabs and to display their culinary skills.

The famous Top 10  Hyderabadi dishes are:

1. Mutton and Chicken Biryani- The dum and pakki akhani versions of the Hyderabadi biryani
are famous worldwide. Many renowned Michelin star chefs have also tried their hand at cooking
up the delectable biryani and have their signature twists to it but the original flavors are very
close to the heart. Hyderabadi biryani can also be made to using vegetables and fish but the
original recipes call for either mutton, beef, or chicken. Yogurt, lemons, and a whole lot of spices
like nutmeg, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, elaichi both big and small are used to enhance the
subtle flavor of the meats. The rice is flavored using saffron which imparts a burning orange
blaze to the dish and makes it vibrant to look at. Hyderabadi biryani is accompanied by two must
haves-the mirchi ka salan (chili spice curry) and the dahi the chutney (yogurt chutney).

2. Pathar the Ghost- This delicacy is a specialty cooked on a hot stone slab. It has slowly made
its way out of the house of nawabs and into the streets. It is now is a relish loved by many. It is a
meal fit for kings and is very easy to cook if you have a hot stone slab available. The trick of this
dish is that the marinated meat is cooked in its own juices with little to no oil or ghee. It is eaten
as an appetizer or side dish which is served with a cold salad or hummus platter.

3. Lukhmi Kawab- The rectangular pockets of minced chicken, meat or beef, and even veggies
are a very famous appetizer among the Hyderabadi folk. It is like an almost must-have in all the
grand wedding celebrations. The kawab part of the dish is a heavily spiced minced meat
preparation that teases the tongue when eaten along with the lukhmi.

4. Khormas- The Hyderabadi chicken and meat khormas is a delicacy made regularly at
homes. The dish is quite heavy on the flavor part and very creamy. It is eaten with either naan or
ginger-garlic flavored rice. A heavy dose of mint is also used which gives it a very fresh scent.

5.Haleem- The Hyderabadi haleem needs no introduction. It has lovers as far off as Japan and
New Zealand with their versions of spiciness of course. It is made by pounding the spiced meat
for several hours along with wheat and barley. This pound helps in releasing the gluten from the
wheat and barley which gives the dish its lumpy texture. The original recipe does not call for
heavy use of spices or heat as it was invented to satiate the hungry soldiers who used to travel
long distances on foot with little supplies.

6. Faluda-this is a sweet dish with a Persian influence. It is made using heavy cream, sabza
seeds, rose syrup or petals, and vermicelli using cardamom flavor. Faluda comes in handy during
the severe heat waves which Hyderabadi during summers. Many people add ice cream to it as

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7. Khurbani ka meetha- This sweet dish is made using soaked apricots. It is a very healthy
sweet dish as little to no sugar is used in this and all the sweet is from the soaked apricot fruit. It
is a wedding must-have and is a very traditional which is included in Top 10 Hyderabadi dishes.

8. Sheer khurma- The sheer khurma is a Ramazan eid delicacy made in every household. It is
made using condensed milk, fried vermicelli, milk, and dry fruits. The dish is very light yet
heavenly in taste and is a favorite amongst all age groups.

9. Nahari Paya- The ultimate breakfast classic in Hyderabadi cuisine has to be the nahari paya.
It is made using spices, legs of sheep, and a whole lot of other ingredients. The preparation of
this dish is tedious as the meat on the feet takes a lot of time to be tender.

10. Marag- The marag is a starter dish that is soft on the spice yet very flavourful. It is eaten
using naan and is of soupy consistency with tender meat pieces. This dish is made strictly using
mutton or beef and chicken is never used.

Hope this list of Top 10 Hyderabadi dishes makes your mouth water enough to make you try it. Let us know what you think!

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