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MCT oil is a powerhouse superfood

High‑Quality MCT Oils

MCT oil Here’s Why MCT Oil is a Powerhouse Superfood

And why it’s the best thing for Keto

As you may already know, Keto has been gaining popularity in the diet industry for its weight loss benefits and mental clarity effects. However, many people find it difficult to maintain a keto diet because of its no-carb restrictions.

When the body is depleted of carbs, it uses fat as an energy source by breaking down fats and creating ketones in the body.

The more ketones that are in the body, the more fat the body burns…

On top of that, research shows that ketones are a cleaner fuel source for the brain, providing a boost in mental clarity, focus, short-term memory and helping to keep brain fog away. 6

Not only that, more ketones in the body also helps reduce cravings and naturally increases energy levels in our body. 7

Now here’s where a quality MCT Oil comes into play…

MCT Oil is digested and converted into fuel much faster in the body than regular fats. Even other healthy fats. This is because it’s a medium chain fat, hence its name Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT).

Because of this… MCT Oil can stimulate ketosis much faster than any other fat. Ketosis is the state where the body produces ketones by burning fat for fuel.

This means… the body can stimulate a faster and stronger fat-burning response when a quality MCT Oil is used.

In addition, when your body is able to get into ketosis faster, the body will be able to produce more ketones, which means… more fat-burning!

Using MCT Oil is almost like turning on a fat‑burning switch.

Warning: There is something VERY important to consider. Not all MCT Oils are created equally… Click here OFFICIAL PURCHASE LINK

AVOID Other MCT Oils

When it comes to MCT Oil, quality matters a LOT! The difference a High-Quality MCT Oil makes is huge…

You see, a lot of companies have caught on to the incredible benefits of MCT Oil. However, most of them take shortcuts to save money and end up giving you a low-quality, subpar product.

For example, a lot of the MCT Oils out there mostly use C12 (Lauric Acid) and C10 (Capric Acid) forms of MCT. These forms of MCT are lower quality and provide fewer ketones for the body.

The numbers in C12 and C10 describe how many carbons are in the fatty acid. To put it simply, this just means it takes longer for the body to convert these fats with higher carbons into ketones.

C8 (also known as Caprylic Acid) is widely known for being a high quality MCT because of how rapidly it can produce ketones in the body, providing a higher and faster rate of fat loss.

And although it’s more effective, C8 is harder to extract from sources like coconut and palm oils… Click here OFFICIAL PURCHASE LINK

So most of these companies take shortcuts.

They use C12 for their MCT Oils… even though it’s much less effective for their customers.

On top of that, many companies use hexane in their extraction process.

Hexane is a deadly chemical found in gasoline, but companies use it to squeeze an extra 10% out of their sources.

It’s a dirty way to extract MCT that allows them to get away with an inferior and impure product…

So they can make more money, while delivering fewer benefits…

Plus, impure MCT Oils taste greasy and unappetizing.

Many people can’t stomach the taste of them. In some cases, they can even make people sick.

Why Our MCT Oil is Better

100% Pure, Organic MCT Oil

We use only fresh and organic coconuts (which have the purest form of MCTs) when they’re fully ripe and packed with MCTs.

Our coconuts are expeller-pressed to provide the body with as much MCT as possible, and there are no fillers or harmful additives.

Fast-Acting, Premium MCTs

In addition, our MCT Oil is made up of primarily C8 (Caprylic Acid) so that more ketones are produced, and the body enters into ketosis much faster, providing accelerated fat loss AND…

Top-Rated, All-Natural Flavors

The BEST part… our MCT Oils are naturally flavored and are the most delicious oils to ever be created!

And not only is the taste fantastic, the results our customers are seeing have been out of this world. Reviews have been pouring in. Take a look at what others are saying about our Nutrition Hacks MCT Oils…


Take a Look at What People Are Saying

About NutritionHacks MCT Oils

WOW! The apple caramel flavor is AMAZING! In all my years of trying health product after health product, I would’ve never imagined such a high quality MCT oil to be so darn delicious. I take it every morning with my coffee and I feel satiated all day long. This product really is a blessing. I will be ordering more for sure!

– Carol M, 47 years old, San Diego, CA

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stay in ketosis for more than a couple days. It was beyond frustrating… I was ready to quit even though I wanted to lose weight badly. I found Nutrition Hacks MCT Oil and I finally began to lose weight. I bought the vanilla flavor because I am a bit of a picky eater and it’s working for me!

– Samantha I, 56 years old, Denver, CO

There’s just no time in my schedule for healthy living. I was becoming overweight trying to juggle my busy schedule and my kids’ schedules too. It was taking its toll on me and I felt that I would carry this weight with me forever. I was starting to get depressed and low on energy. I lost my motivation for everything. Luckily, my loving husband ordered Nutrition Hacks MCT Oil for me and although I was hesitant, I tried it. And I’m so glad I did! My schedule is still hectic, and I still have to get my kids to and from their games and appointments. But I feel energized again and I’m even losing weight! Thank you, Nutrition Hacks!

– Evelyn M, 44 years old, Seattle WA

I tried other MCT oils and I couldn’t stomach the taste. It made me gag every single time and made me wonder what the hell I was doing. Was it even worth it? When I saw that Nutrition Hacks all-natural MCT oil came in 3 flavors, I decided to give it a shot. Boy was I glad! The vanilla was rich, the coconut crisp and the apple caramel made me feel young again. I will definitely be buying this again.

– George S, 65 years old, Dallas, TX

Whether they were on the keto diet or not, they were able to achieve their goals safely and effectively. It makes us proud to be able to provide a higher quality of life.
You see, we’ve tested hundreds of different flavors and variations of MCT Oils with coffee, tea and a wide range of beverages.

We’ve Boiled It Down To These 3 Mouth-Watering Flavors:


Our creamy vanilla flavor tastes like a heavenly vanilla ice cream. It makes a perfect addition to almost anything. It’s smooth tasting and subtle which is sure to satisfy even sensitive eaters. It’s like enjoying a rich and creamy vanilla milkshake on a hot summer day. As soon as you taste it, you’re in heaven.


For anyone looking to add more flavor to their taste buds, coconut is the right choice. It’s crisp and delivers a creamy taste that makes you feel like you’re on a white sand beach, sitting in the shade with a fresh coconut husk in your hand. It’s as refreshing as the sea breeze.

Caramel Apple

For those who want a bold taste, our caramel apple flavor is perfect. It’s a mixture that is rich and velvety that will stay with you throughout the day. It’s like drenching a crisp juicy apple in loads of caramel sauce. It’s a decadent burst of flavor.

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