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Andhra Vegetarian Dishes – For vegetarians specially

Andhra Vegetarian Dishes

A happy tummy = happy life (at least for many of us). Andhra people are total foodies and by that I mean be it tangy, sweet or sour like all flavors of life, are consumed with relish. Home cooked vegetarian meals are preferred over hotels and recipes of food are actually passed down over generations with mild alterations here and there. Andhra Vegetarian Dishes like Andhra veg curries and a hot plate of rice ending with tempered curd is a feast that can be easily eaten daily without a hint of boredom.

To bring water in your mouth below are some of the staple Andhra veg curries:

Mamidikayi Pappu or in plain English Raw mango dal

Pulses like dal are very versatile and mix well with other varieties of food like fruits. Mamidikayi Pappu is one such example as it is dal cooked with raw mango. Summers and a coinciding mango season will give Andhra household the reason to prepare this dish. This Andhra veg curry is best eaten with hot steamed rice with a dash of ghee and some papadam.Andhra vegetarian dishes

Panasapottu Kura or Jackfruit curry

Andhra veg curry is symbolic for its use of jackfruit as a vegetable. Jackfruit curry is prepared with a fusion of mustard and is actually a marriage showstopper.

Kanda Bachali Kura (Yam and Basella curry)

Green leafy vegetables and dal are common in vegetarian dishes but tubers like yam along with a green leafy vegetable is typical Andhra veg curry staple. This dish is prepared using yams and basella and is one of most irresistible dish of Andhra.

Gutti Vankaya or Eggplant curry

This eggplant Andhra veg curry is a mix of spices and tanginess. The eggplant is opened up but not detached from its crown and is filled with the spice and tamarind mix and cooked till tender. Gutti vankaya is also known as bagarey baigan among the Hyderabadi. The egg plant gets so soft that it melts right in the mouth and is best eaten with both hot chapattis and rice.

 Ulava Charu (Lentil soup)

This is a unique soup/curry that is eaten with hot rice and is known to have health benefits. It is locally known as Rasam and is eaten after the main meal of curry and rice or even as the main dish itself. It is said to aid in digestion and improve breath.

Avakaya curry (Cucumber curry)

Avakaya or Cucumber is the next staple of Andhra veg curry. It is a very versatile vegetable and is easily mould as a pickle and curry with ease. The spicy hit of mustard and tempering of hot chili give the cucumber a Smokey taste and makes it a must serve side dish.

Andhra veg curry is known for their versatile use of locally grown vegetables and exotic veggies as well. Lotus stem is also used by many Andhra chefs to add the twist in curries and stir fried vegetables are a must have item in their daily diet. Good food keeps the soul happy and content.

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