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Andhra Sweet Dishes – Relish The Goodness Of Variety Of Andhra Dishes

Andhra Sweet Dishes

Sweets- can’t live with them and can’t live without them. They are an integral part of Andhra culture and homemade sweets are preferred above anything else. Andhra sweets or Andhra sweet dishes made with jaggery are extra special because of the texture, taste and color the jaggery shares. Below are collections of Andhra sweets that use Jaggery as their main ingredient to impart sweetness.

Sunnundalu with jaggery (minapa sunnundalu)

Sunnundalu is a classic Andhra sweet that is made from Jaggery. This sweet confection is made using urud dal which is high in calcium and has a great nutrition value.  It is also served to pregnant women as it promotes bone health and endurance. Lots of ghee and jaggery is used which makes the diet conscious people think twice when consuming it. Sunnundalu ladoo sweets should store in air tight container. Milk can also be used a substitute to ghee for the health conscious but the danger of it getting spoiled quickly will be there.

Bobbatlu with jaggery  

Puran poli is also another famous name of Bobbatlu. It is made using all purpose flour which is made into dough. It is then rolled out and stuffed with chana dal which is cooked with jaggery, cardamom powder and finely grounded dry fruits. The main requisite of this dish is that the dal should be completely cooked and mashed before stuffing it into the rotis. The bobbatlu should be carefully flipped as they might break. Ghee is used to fry the rotis until golden brown.Andhra sweet dishes

Poornam Boorelu

This is a traditional Andhra sweet with jaggery which is a dumpling made from black grams, coconut, and ghee and rice flour. The proportions of Bengal gram and rice flour should be well quantified as irregular measure will break the dumplings. They famous as sweets but a savory version this dumpling is also available.


Pootharekulu is a Andhra delicacy which is native to East Godavari. It is roughly translated in English as coated sheet. The crispy thin sheets of this sweet are stuffed with jaggery and fried dry fruits to give it more texture. It is quite hard to achieve expertise in the making of this sweet jaggery dish and tips are usually kept secret and passed down from generations. Sugar-free version of pootharekulu is also made for the diabetic people.

Jaggery Paasham

Made during Ganesh Chaturthi, jaggery paasham is a Andhra sweet dishes. Wheat flour is formed into a dough and rolled out in cylindrical pipe shapes and cooked in the Jaggery syrup to absorb the sweetness. Once they bulge in the syrup, the wheat noodles are removed and set aside. A teaspoon of ghee is added to the paasham before it is served.


These are round pancakes that are prepared using jaggery and rice flour. These soft cakes are then adorned with sesame seeds. The crunch and sweetness of these cakes will leave you spell bound.

Jaggery has great health benefits when compared with its refined form-sugar. Of course it is easier to use sugar but the taste of jaggery lifts up a dish by several notches. Andhra sweets made with jaggery use house hold recipes passed down from one generation to the other hence the exquisite taste.

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