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Andhra Pradesh Food Items – Dishes, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

Andhra pradesh food items

Heat and Andhra Pradesh go hand in hand. No not the weather, it’s the heat from Andhra Pradesh food items. Known for its spicy cuisine, Andhra Pradesh food items have an interesting mix of nawabi and local influence. Non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes from Andhra Pradesh are hard to resist as they are tangy and hit the right chord with taste buds.

Andhra Pradesh food items are not different from that of Telangana yet stand on their own and one can make out the difference with a bite. In this read, we present to you some delectable food times from this coastal area.

1. Pulihora (yellow rice): A spin off from lemon rice, pulihora is a delectable rice dish enriched with spices, curry leaves and tamarind juice. Some chefs tend to add tomatoes and the result is savagely yum. A personal favorite amongst various Andhra Pradesh households, any leftover rice is turned into pulihora. No festival or puja is complete without it. Its yellow color adds to its charm as well.Andhra pradesh food items

2. Chepa Pulusu: AP being a coastal place offers a wide variety of sea food. Tamarind, an essential element in their ingredient list is added to sea food as well. Chepa pulusu is a traditional Andhra Pradesh food item. It is made by cooking fish is tamarind sauces and spices tempered with curry leaves and mustard. The tangy kick of tamarind and heat from spices gives it a great taste. It is found in every local Andhra hotel.

3. Gongura Pickle: chutneys and pickles are a must have in every Andhra meal. Gongura pickle is a seasonal favorite and relished as a side dish. A plate of hot steamed rice, some papadam, curd and gongura pickle- your meal is done. It is made by blending Sorrel leaves locally known as gongura and spices with curry leaf and dry red chili tempering.

4. Pesarattu: Most famous breakfast meal in the list of Andhra Pradesh food items. It is made from green urad dal which is soaked overnight and then blended garlic, onion and green chili.

5. Curd rice: Every Andhra locale finishes their meal with curd rice. Some even have it as the main meal as well. Curd rice is either plain rice or curd with some pickle or tempered with curry leaves, dry red chilies and mustard seeds.

6. Andhra Chicken Biryani: Yes, Andhra biryani is very different from a hyderabadi biryani in terms of taste and technique. Andhra chicken biryani has a strong flavor of spices. Vegetables are also mixed in the chicken biryani to give the dish a different texture.

7. Ariselu: This is the sweet dish in the list of Andhra Pradesh food items. Ariselu is prepared at time of pongal festival with new food grains powder , jaggery ,coconut powder,ghee.It is also a tradition food of Andhra pradesh.

Whenever you plan to visit Andhra and want to taste the local cuisine, do not forget the above list of Andhra Pradesh food items. Relish the taste of Andhra cuisine and their unique combination of tanginess and spice.


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