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5 Minute Vegan Recipe COOKBOOK

5 Minute Vegan Recipe COOKBOOK

5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook will help you to get rid of time consuming while eating healthy food!

No matter if you’re usually a passionate cook or haven’t been a hobby chef at all thus far, we could all need a couple of go-to lazy vegan recipes when it’s just one of these days.

Truth be told, even though we’re running a food blog, most days our dinner resembles the following dishes much more than elaborate 1-hour recipes that constantly need to be watched.

  • Less Energy
  • Poor Memory

    Mood Swings

    Poor Concentration

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Over-eating of junk food

    Gain Excess Weight

    Pale Skin 

    Sugar Cravings

This can make you feel out of control and fed up with your life.

Now do you see why skipping a healthy breakfast just isn’t working for you?

It’s not your fault.

 You want to eat healthy but you just don’t have the time to prepare elaborate recipes and sit down to eat them. You’ve tried healthy diets and find they are just too time consuming to prepare all the food.

Most healthy recipes are not designed with the modern day hectic lifestyle in mind.

If you can relate to this problem, I have the solution.

So how do you eat a healthy breakfast when you  have no spare time? Is it really possible to be healthy in a hurry? Is there something you can eat that gives you that healthy breakfast your body needs, but doesn’t have any impact on your busy lifestyle?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

Keep reading this 5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook  because you are about to learn how to cook healthy vegan food that you can quickly

make in as little as 5 minutes, using ingredients that are readily available in supermarkets.

I have been a vegetarian for over 7 years but made the decision to go vegan in May 2019 and I haven’t turned back.

As a 23 year old I weighed 180 lbs and felt very bad about my appearance and health. Like any overweight person, I tried to lose weight any way I could.

However, the real turning point was when I discovered the true powers of the vegan diet and how it changed things for me.

I was against animal cruelty, but once I realized the benefits it had on my health, there was no turning back.
When I went from vegetarian to vegan, I lost 56 pounds in 3 months and gained incredible energy that I have never experienced in my entire life. All of this without ever feeling hungry! Not only did I feel better physically, but my confidence got a huge boost.


When I first went vegan, I had trouble figuring out what to eat, and not only that, I had such a busy schedule that it was even harder to prepare meals in the kitchen. I just did not have the time to go shopping for lots of specialist ingredients. I wanted to figure out how to make quick and easy meals that were ready in less than 10 minutes as I’ve never been one to compromise when it comes to flavor.

My means need to be quick, simple, balanced and delicious. I’d raid the fridge and cupboards after taking inspiration from dishes I had cooked earlier that day but using quicker cooking techniques and ingredients that I had at hand.

The  5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook is the one,  were so delicious I decided to share them on instagram and to my surprise people loved them!

Every day I get messages from people who are thrilled that they found a quick and easy health solution that they can incorporate into their lives that will also help them lose weight like I did. They are so proud of their amazing accomplishment, it’s just wonderful to see.

Because of the popularity of these quick and easy vegan recipes I shared with people, I went to work creating an abundance of perfectly balanced vegan recipes that are used every day by millions of people around the world.

I decided to compile them into one book to make it easier for people to access quick and easy vegan recipes.

Needless to say, it was at this point I was delighted to share my collection of vegan recipes with as many people as possible so that you too can feel empowered in the same way.

You DON’T have to be a gourmet master chef to make the most wonderfully delicious vegan meals within minutes…

Nowhere near.

I’ve made it easy for you to make each vegan recipes that you can make for the next 2 days, even if boiling water is a challenge, you can make the most tastebud-tingling meals in MINUTES!

And if you’re in a rush? It’s no problem. Let’s face it, morning can be a crazy time of the day… you gotta get ready for the day, fed and out of the house in the quickest time possible.

Yet with these 5 minute vegan recipes  cookbook you’ll see ALL of the meals can be put together in minutes.

No stress, no fuss, no hassle… Just lip-smacking meals in minutes.

And of course you can expect ALL the benefits a Vegan lifestyle brings…

Leaner, stronger muscles…

A fresh surge of energy that lasts through the day…

Considerably More Endurance

Clearer, smoother skin that gives you a healthy glow…

  • And you’ll trigger your body’s automatic fat-burning mode!

    Enhanced libido…

    Better Mental Faculties

  • Most of the Feeling of Hunger / Cravings
  • Thicker, fuller, lusher hair…
  • A Clearer Vision
  • Improved Performance  and Recovery

  • A More Resistant Immune System

  • A rock solid immune system…

With the increasing number of people moving toward a vegan lifestyle diet for health, animal welfare or environmental, it’s no wonder it’s the fastest growing eating philosophy around the world.

You’re eating NATURAL foods, free from animal flesh and animal by-products and you’re flushing out toxins and chemicals that inhibit your growth.

Bottom line? Your body is free to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. And that means you look better, you feel
better and you actually reverse the visible signs of aging.

Pretty awesome huh? And it all starts with a healthy and tasty vegan recipes that you can make in as quickly as 5 minutes.

Just think… start your day the Vegan way and you can look forward to a clean burst of energy AND peace of mind. Your body is being protected from illness and disease.

Even though you can prepare these recipes in a very short amount of time, it does not mean that the taste is compromised.

We guarantee that all of the recipes in this book are full of flavor and are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Not only are these recipes quick to prepare, but they are also easy. You will not have a hard time finding the ingredients you need.

If you need a quick and easy recipe after a long and tiring day, you should try the recipes in this book.

Vegan eating or plant-based diets do not have to be difficult or time-consuming. There are so many easy, quick meals you can make on the go; perfect if you are someone who is busy or just does not have the time or patience to spend an hour in the kitchen.

I am definitely one of those people – I love good food and sometimes I make time to prepare meals. But most of the time, I just want to make a quick meal without sacrificing flavor!

Save Time In The Kitchen

There are so many easy, quick meals that you can make on-the-go; perfect if you’re someone who’s busy or just don’t have the time or patience to spend an hour in the kitchen.

Makes Vegan food Affordable

Some of the new vegan alternatives in particular — meat, cheese, desserts and so on — can seem a little expensive. But did you know that many people actually reduce their grocery bills after going vegan? Healthy vegan staples such as legumes, grains, and seasonal fruits and vegetables are some of the most budget-friendly foods out there. And they are also the healthiest options for you, the planet, and your bank balance.

Eating vegan can help you achieve a healthy body weight.

Vegan foods tend to be lower in calories than animal-derived ones, making it easier to achieve a healthy body weight without actively focusing on cutting calories. Most vegan foods contain significantly less saturated fat than animal “products” do, and many studies have shown that vegans tend to have lower body mass indexes than non-vegans.

You can now have access to virtually every health benefit that exists!

Proven Vegan Recipe Categories that ensure you never eat a boring meal… Never again!

The 5 minute vegan recipe cookbook covers all categories, with over a hundred step-by-step recipes (almost 100 when you include bonuses)!

And each of the recipes in the following categories will excite your taste buds and make it easy for you to cook a complete meal:

In addition, there is a whole variety of “special” categories that allow you to indulge yourself with sandwiches … chocolate … pasta … “traditional” breakfasts and so much more. remaining 100% in accordance with the principles of the Vegan diet!

As you can see, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that you have ALL the possible dishes and ALL the possible ways to make this diet delicious, with lots of variety every day.

  • Feel on top of the world, full of energy and focus…

  • Get slimmer every day without any extra time or effort…

  • Actually free up your time by spending even less time in the kitchen…

  • Start making quick healthy meals that actually fill you up and stop you dreaming of your next bite to eat.

Do not let anyone tell you that vegan food is bland, boring or complicated. My book will show you how to create fun and super delicious vegan recipes using everyday ingredients that you can find at the store, proving once and for all that vegan food is for everyone.

So whether you are a full-time vegan, curious carnivore, or just somewhere in between, 5 minute vegan recipes is your go-to guide to a more delicious plant-based diet, packed with budget-friendly and time-saving recipes for the everyday cook.

This book is packed to the brim with over 100 exciting, all-vegan recipes with little effort and few ingredients for cooks with little time. You’ll find quick and easy breakfasts, simple and healthy light meals, classic dinners and indulgent desserts, and more.

In addition to great everyday recipes and foodie tips, the book also includes helpful advice for living a more sustainable life.

Being vegan just became easy.

You can apply the same principals here! I have already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes, and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, I have made some mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money in the process… …so you do not have to. That’s why I have so carefully broken down WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow recipes so you can replicate the results I’ve achieved. In the past, these recipes were just mine, but now I’m making them available to the public. So you do not have to go it alone anymore!

You’ll cook quickly with fresh ingredients that provide the ultimate array of delicious flavors that will have everyone rushing to your kitchen to enjoy your next meal. And it will be true whether you are a pro or a complete novice in the kitchen!

So fear not! Help is on the way. Introducing…

Over 100 Great Tasting, Nutritious 

5 Minute Budget-Friendly Vegan Recipes!

My goal with the 5 minute vegan recipes is simple. To provide the taste bud-popping, nutritious recipes that
took me literally years to assemble. Recipes that hit the spot…

And Here’s Just A Tiny Peek at some of the delicious vegan meals you can prepare in under 10 minutes….

In the 5 minute vegan cookfood guide you’ll find over 100 strictly vegan recipes in all, including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tasty snacks smoothies, so you’re bound to find many dishes you love whatever the time of day.

And the best part is….

Every meal is a complete no-brainer to create, because you don’t need to worry if the macros are correct and if they are nutritionally balanced, because I’ve done all that for you.

All you have to do is follow the simple Step-By-Step Vegan Recipes And Enjoy!

The recipes are so easy to follow so you’ll soon be amazing your friends and family and enjoying a wonderful sense of personal achievement with your new-found cooking skills!

  • 150 page full color PDF you can immediately download to your phone or any other device
  • Your Paleo Shopping List – so you know exactly what to buy

  • Everyday ingredients that you can buy at any store

  • Your Paleo Shopping List – so you know exactly what to buy

  • Every recipe can be fully customized to fit with any special diet

  • 100 Quick and Easy Vegan recipes that you can cook at anytime

And That’s Only A Part Of The 

5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook…

To Sum It Up, You Will Receive

And just to help you in every way I can possibly think of, I am giving you all of the following extra bonuses for a limited time only:

  • The 5 Minute Vegan Recipe COOKBOOK -Food Guide containing 100 quick and easy vegan recipes – PDF Version so you can save it to all your devices
  • Guide to eating Vegan at a restaurant
  • 60 quick and easy vegan smoothie recipes
  • Full email support

So let me make you a very special offer

If you’re a Vegan enthusiast you can’t afford NOT to have my recipe collection. It’s a “must” if you want
oodles of variety and the motivation to continue with the Vegan diet.

Plus it just gets your day started with totally satisfying, delicious meals that deliver a steady burst of clean
energy throughout the day.

So I’m going make this as easy as I can for you…

Yes, Just $24!

With this 5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook  you can have a family meal at a fast food restaurant (but we do not need that now) or you can:

When you get your hands on your copy of my 5 minute vegan recipes (from TODAY) you’ll be eating healthy meals that will save you from bland, boring, or tasty foods…

If you’re a vegan enthusiast you can’t afford NOT to have my recipe collection. It’s a “must” if you want
oodles of variety and the motivation to continue with the Vegan diet.

Plus it just gets your day started with totally satisfying, delicious meals that deliver a steady burst of clean
energy throughout the day.

Just click “Buy Now” and start preparing delicious vegan meals in just 5 minutes

and make your days full of energy!

Price Listed is in US Dollars.

  60 Day – No Risk, Money Back, 


I personally GUARANTEE your 100% Satisfaction – Read my cookbooks cover to cover, and enjoy the 5 Minute Vegan recipes, and if you’re not satisfied in any way, simply ask for a full refund within 60 days-NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Where will you find a cookbook that let’s you try it absolutely RISK-FREE for a full 2 months?! Only here, with my 5 Minute Vegan Recipes.

On the other hand, if you find my cookbook to be an exceptional source of healthy, delicious Vegan Recipes, then I want you to e-mail me your comments and testimonials. I feel great when I hear how much others love my recipes!

Preparing Vegan Recipes should never been time consuming or ridiculously painful! 5 Minute Vegan Recipes will help you enjoy your life at your ideal weight with fabulous health and fabulous food in just 5 minutes spent in the kitchen.


Your friend and fellow vegan food-enthusiast.

Don’t Hesitate, Get Instant Access To 5 Minute Vegan Recipes Today!

Preparing Vegan Recipes should never been time consuming or ridiculousl5y painful! 5 Minute Vegan Recipe Cookbook  Recipes will help you enjoy your life at your ideal weight with fabulous health and fabulous food in just 5 minutes spent in the kitchen.

Just click “Buy Now” now and start preparing delicious vegan meals in just 5 minutes

and make your days full of energy!

Please Note: The 5 Minute Vegan Recipes CookBook is a downloadable e-book. No physical books will be shipped. The bonus e-books also are not physical products. Once you have completed your order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-cookbook and the bonus ebooks. The e-cookbooks are in Acrobat PDF format, and can be viewed on both PC and MAC computers.

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