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Dishes of Lucknow – taste the flavours

dishes of Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is not just famous for its stories and legendary rulers but also for its palette.Lucknow’s nawabi dishes are very famous around the world for their use of fragrant spices and cooking techniques. Its culinary heritage was not formed in a day but took nawab’s and their royal cooks a great deal of time to form their significant gourmet. So, are you ready to feast your eyes on 10 famous dishes of Lucknow?

  1. Galouti Kebab- Of course, you must have heard about the world famous Lucknowi Galouti Kebab. These melt in the mouth kawabs burst exuberant flavors into the mouth that awaken forgotten taste senses. These kebabs are mixed with peppers, hot spices and devoured by sprinkling lemon on them. Galouti kebab was invented by cooks of Nawab Asad-ud-daula and this Nawab wanted a different meat delicacy in every meal.
  2. Chicken Shammi kebab- One of the favorite dinner party treats, chicken shammi kebab is a very famous Lucknow nawabi dish. This recipe was usually named using mutton mince but the cook decided to try out chicken as well and voila! The taste spoke for itself.
  3. Nihari Paya- This dish is a usually and breakfast favorite and served up during dinners as well. But when in Lucknow, you get to eat this dish whenever you want all thanks to its popularity. It is made using the shank meat and hoofs of lamb or beef. It is also a popular remedy for common cold around Lucknow. Nihari Pays is traditional Lucknow dish.
  4. Dum Murgh Kacchi Biryani- Biryani is an all-time in a Lucknowi household. No party is complete without it and people actually start minding it of Biryani isn’t served up. The difference between a Lucknow biryani and the biryani of other states is that here the chicken is marinated with milk, saffron and other hosts of spices. The rice too is flavored using saffron.
  5. Kaju curry- This curry is very specific to Lucknow. One can cook any type of vegetable or meat product in the kaju gravy. The gravy itself is creamy due to the use of kaju’s and khoya. For people who don’t prefer spicy food enjoy this creamy gravy quite well.
  6. Kakori kebab- Lucknowi dinner parties are known for their lavish spreads and kakori kebabs are a must have on the menu. The term kakori is derived from the pace it was originated- Kakori, which is on the outskirts of lucknow. Minced lamb is slowly grilled over charcoal and a rub of an aromatic marinade is drizzled on them while they cook to give the kebabs an exotic taste.
  7. Dum Aloo- This dum aloo is very different from the north Indian dum aloo dishes. In Lucknow, the aloo is stuffed with paneer and fried till crisp. A tomato and onion gravy is used to simmer the aloo hence the name dum aloo.
  8. Pasanday- A very creamy dish made using almonds, pistachios, and mutton. The meat is cooked until it gets tender in its own juices. The heat from the spices gets absorbed into the meat while it is slowly cooked and goes well with both zeera rice and parathas.
  9. Shahi korma- Mention Lucknow and khorma dishes come to mind. Both chicken and mutton can be used to make the korma. People have reinvented this dish so many times and even used a blend of vegetables. The gravy of the khorma is special due to its nuttiness and spice flavor. The korma is one of the royal dishes of Lucknow.
  10. Shahi Tukda- Those craving sweet after reading this list will not be disappointed as here we present the shahi tukda which is a delicious infusion of saffron and condensed milk in the bread which is slightly toasted in ghee. Pineapples and nuts are used to garnish this sweet dish. Shahi tukda has become famous throughout the world and makes it to the top when we talk about famous Lucknowi sweet dishes.

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