/seven beautiful spots forTrekking places in Tamil Nadu
Trekking places in Tamil Nadu

seven beautiful spots forTrekking places in Tamil Nadu

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu has great mountain ranges contributed by the Western and Eastern Ghats which makes it an ideal trekking zone. Here are the seven beautiful spots for Trekking places  that are breathtakingly beautiful and safe at the same time.

Mudumalai National Park

Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, Mudumalai National Park is located within the Nilgiri sub-clusters of Western Ghats. This park is basically a thick jungle with abundant wild life. Since it is spread out across the Ghats you will come across small and big hills that make it an ideal trekking spot. There are three lakes in the middle of the park which can be reached through different routes and you can spot many animals near these watering holes so do not forget to pack your cameras as well. Fishing is also allowed but requires permit letters. Trekking places ,which never complete unless you trek this national park.

Agastya Mala Biosphere Reserve

Many argue that Agastya Mala Bioserve belongs entirely to Kerela, but the peak and the forest area attached to the peak fall inside Tamil Nadu. The peak is 1868 meters high and it is difficult to reach to top as the peak passes through thick vegetation. The Biosphere Reserve is immensely wealthy when it comes to flora and fauna. During the monsoons, small waterfalls present in the jungles make a splendid sight to watch. If making a bucket list of Trekking places in Tamil Nadu then do not forget this reserve.Tourist Places-Trekking places in Tamil Nadu

Anamalai Hills

Anamalai Hills fall under the contagiously protected region in Tamil Nadu. Elephants, tigers and leopards can be found in these hills hence do not venture off trekking alone. Tall mountain clusters of Anamalai hills make for a great trekking spread and the trails pass through the tiger reserve. Bird watcher enthusiast should get their binoculars along as well.

Jawadhu Hills

Trekking clubs actually made the Jawadhu hills famous for tekking in Tamil Nadu in the recent years. These hills are located in Alangayam reserve forests which are near the city of Vellore and have an altitude of 700-1000 meters. The trekking paths have varied difficult levels which make it fun and adventurous. In this region, the most famous trekking trail is the Jawadhu hills Ultra trek which is 37 kilometers long.

Palani Hills

These hills are located near the famous kodaikanal. Palani Hills reserve forests have an elevation of 2,500 meters or more and the weather is cool throughout the year. There are many lakes and waterfalls in this reserve.

Dolphin’s Nose Trek, Kodikanal

The Dolphin’s Nose trek holds amazing panoramic views and is an extremely popular trekking hotspot. The trekking details of the Dolphin’s nose trek are not that difficult and two the major trails of this region are the Echo Rocks and Mountain Beauty Viewpoint.

Perumadu trek, Yelagiri

Perumadu trek holds many beautiful trekking trails. The most famous amongst them is the one which take you to the Perumadu waterfalls. The path is easy to trail and patrons of all ages can enjoy the walk with ease. The Sunset point trek and Swamimalai trek are considered to be the most difficult treks of the region.

Tamil Nadu has many other trekking spots as well but the ones listed above a few of them. Take protective trekking gear along and do not forget to pack water. Make sure that you trek safely and bring back home only good memories.


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