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Rameswaram temple darshan

Pamban Island, the place which houses one of the char dhams- the Rameswaram temple is separated from India by the Pamban channel. Mythology shows this channel as the bridge built by Lord Rama through which he entered Lanka and freed his wife Sita from Ravana. The Rameswaram Temple  Darshan can be found in the center for the Pamban Island and has thousands of visitors both on and off season.Have you ever been to Rameshvaram Temple Darshan? Well, there are 6 temples where devotees come in large growing numbers. We have gathered all the information you need about Rameshvaram Temple Darshan.

Rameswaram Temple Darshan

It is crucial that correct darshan procedure be followed to offer Pooja at the main Rameswaram temple. The temple management is very strict in terms of who performs the puja and only Hindus are allowed to do it.

For the ease of navigating through the temple premises and the darshan rituals, hire a guide for a mere Rs 200 to Rs 400. So, let’s start the darshan

The deity resides in our hearts and thus it is rightly said that our body is also a temple. I hope the description of the darshan above has ignited a desire to visit Rameswaram  temple darshan in your heart.

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