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Spirit Animals-journey of characteristics and fantasy

Spirit Animals

Age-old myths, suggest that there were customs that indicated, that people believed in animal spirits that lead you to the path of light and goodness. Native Americans started having faith in every object and living thing having spirit that act like “guardian angel” and guide you through your phase of life, and animals being one of them. They are known as spirit animals.

What is Spirit Animal?

Nowadays, it’s like a tendency to keep a spirit animal, for constant motivation or even funnily at times but usually, like guidance towards rightness, to be persuading as a whole to be a person you desire to be. Usually, while trying to be who you want to be, you often tend to move or get distracted from that aisle, to put you into that aisle, spirit animals come into place. Your Spirit animal describes your way of life and a person you choose to be and makes sure you are into becoming and developing characteristics just as them.

Animism is also a part of the “spirit- animal” culture, as people in animism that animals and other nature belongings have a spirit, that spirit maybe worshiped or adored in many forms or gods. And there are many more forms of animal worship or nature worship that is seen around the world.

Who is your Spirit Animal?

They are considered funnily or in a form of devotion, devotion as in people consider them to be the ultimate guides of life, compare themselves to animals and their nature. For example, people may say “I am a tigress” which defines the sharpness of their human character, being wild and sneaky and clever. “I am a sloth” portraying they are lazy and are not enthusiastic about anything or a particular day. They are metaphorically usually used worldwide metaphorically showcasing their love towards that particular animal or similarities between them.

How can you find your Spirit Animal? Is it necessary to have a Spirit Animal?

There are folks who can have different spirit animals for their different moods and situations. It is not necessary you have a single spirit animal in your whole journey of life. Today you are a koala but tomorrow you could be an eagle, cunning and intelligent.

Some also consider animals as “messenger” of God, to send messages to the human world through nature and its miracles. We may think animals are just animals they may not communicate but sure have deep meanings in the depth of them. They understand the language of love, hate, sadness, hunger, and all the feelings a human can go through. They are not just mere animals but a way of life. Yes spirit animals are a way of life.

Spirit animals hold a major part in some people’s lives especially when they are fallen and want to rise up and choose a good animal path full of enthusiasm, motivation, love, and growth. Attaining an animal descriptive maybe hurdles in life, but make it your goal and hence you will be successful. So go on decide your spirit animal and be whom you desire.


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