/10 tourist spots in Varanasi

10 tourist spots in Varanasi

Considered as the holiest place of the country, we take you through 10 tourist spots in Varanasi through the eyes of the tourist that visited the place. Varanasi is a place that most people still find as their first step to find spirituality.This is a place filled with knowledge, truth and higher order of mysticism. The food in Varanasi is of cultural significance as well so to try as many dishes as you can to know the place better.

1. Ganges River Boat Rides: As seen in the movies, the coast of the Ganges river is filled with holy temples. Taking a boat ride is the best way to catch the glimpse of all the temples during sunrise or sunset. This is number one on the list of 10 tourist spots in Varanasi .

2. Bath in the Ganges: Due to the Mythological significance of the place, taking a dip in the Ganges River also has importance. This slowly became to trend for people all over the globe. Varanasi tour is never complete without a visit to the river Ganga.It is said that souls receive moksh and sins get erased after a dip in the holy water. Believe it or not  but do try it to feel the cool waters on the body.

3. Temples of  Varanasi: Every temple in Varanasi has its root in the religion and culture of the country. Hence the festivities of each temple have a different tone to play and it is just captivating for people visiting 10 tourist spots in Varanasi.10 tourist spots in Varanasi

4. Sunset walk by the Ghats: A stroll by at the Ghats of Varanasi during sunset is the most mesmerizing thing one could experience. The sight of the golden Ganges gave way to people finding spirituality and themselves. Many tourists have traded their evenings to witness this sight.

5. Aarti Ceremony: As an everyday ritual, the aarti ceremony along the coat of the Ganges River is a sight to see. Watching a million lit lights moving along to the tune of Sanskrit mantras is a symphony and a feast to the eyes and soul which can be experienced only in Varanasi.

6. Banarasi sarees: Visiting a weaver to find out and observe how the ever famous and classic Banarasi saree is weaved is one the must not miss for a tourist visiting Varanasi.

7. Tour of Sarnath: Sarnath is known as the first place Gautam Buddha preached the concept of Dhamma after his enlightenment. Being one of the four holy Buddhist sites, the Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove to emphasize the significance of the way of life and other Buddhist teachings.

8. Local Markets: The local markets here are the best places to find the best quality of silk, ornaments, and souvenirs to remember this place by. Local markets here display their snacks and staple food for people who like to explore a place through food.

9. Food: Both snacks are meals of Varanasi are playful on the palate that leaves people wanting for more. The street food is equally fascinating for a person who is visiting this place for the first time.

10. Exploring Varanasi: It is a place to find an amalgamation of people that vary in culture, religion, and faith, but still, coexist. The places around Varanasi are worth exploring.

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