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Waterfalls near Vizag – the natural showers gifted by nature

Vizag and waterfall are actually synonyms if at all anything else. Splashing of waters above our heads, the algae colored cold rocks beneath our feet and the playfully moving hands, all under one waterfall. Sounds exciting, but is even more fun when actually under a waterfall.  Waterfalls near Vizag are much more with parks around them and great food to gorge on. On our journey today we are heading to waterfalls near  Vizag to enjoy these natural showers. Do not stay behind and miss the fun.

Rejuvenation brings back life into our mind and heart. Vizag is a must-must destination for these rejuvenation yogis and waterfalls are the much needed spa therapy. The four waterfalls near Vizag mentioned below will take your water love to another level.


Just a mere two hour’s drive from Vizag is Devarapalli. It has one of the amazing waterfalls near Vizag that exudes oodles of watery charm. Drive across this waterfall is feast for the eyes as the many lakes from this fall spread out to the road and into the lush green surroundings nearby.

Dumbriguda Chaparai

This waterfall is found 15 kilometers away from Araku and is on the route to Paderu. It is a great picnic spot and has beautiful picturesque waterfalls with green surroundings. Monsoon season makes the waterfalls even more splendid to watch but with heavy winds gushing during that time caution should be exercised. Memories of fun and laughter are splendid to remember. Safety is also a thing to enjoy along with fun. Many families come out here to have a fun barbeque time and enjoy the peace.

Katiki waterfalls near Vizag

This waterfall attraction is a journey in itself. First you have to cross the green hills of Eastern Ghats to reach this beautifully lit waterfall. The water falls from a heavenly height of 50 meters and splashes below with thud which is enough to give an adrenaline rush. This waterfall takes it roots from the river Gosthani. The pool below the waterfall makes a perfect natural pool so dip in and deliver fun to the soul. A dip in this clear cool waterfall pool after all that travel makes you go wow.


Tadinada is one amongst the great waterfalls near Vizag which is located in the hill station – Ananthagiri. This hill station is situated amidst the ranges of Eastern Ghats and can be visited on the way to Araku valley. Not only can you feel the waterfall you can even feat your eyes to the scintillating views of coffee plantations in Ananthagiri. An amazing combination of cold dips and hot sips will give you a win-win holiday memory. There are many waterfalls like Tadinada around Ananthagiri so take a plunge in which ever you find easily accessible.

Kothapalli Waterfalls

This waterfall as the name suggest is located in the village of Kothapalli in the Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh. This waterfall near vizag is a recent find by the locals of Kothapalli and is slowly climbing the charts of waterfall popularity but is a bit tad behind due to the lack of infrastructure around it.

Hope the above waterfalls have awakened the water monster in you. Waterfalls are an amazing creation of nature and to give it a miss is sin. So, please get up and head to the nearest waterfall or even better, come to Vizag.

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