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Night Hangouts in Hyderabad-food and entertainment

Night Hangouts in Hyderabad

Thanks to the blooming IT sector, the city of pearls, Hyderabad has a happening night life. Gone are the days when 10 pm meant late at night. People are doing online searches for “places to visit at night in Hyderabad” and this article is for those night outers. Late night hangouts in Hyderabad is not limited to the teens anymore. The city hustles and bustles with life every after 11 pm. Below is a list of late night hangouts in Hyderabad.

DLF street food @ Gachibowli: The foodie zone for techies and nigh out thrill seeking residents of areas near Hi-tech city.

What do they offer?
Maggies– you betcha! AM-PM Maggie serves some delicious Maggie noodles for the hungry.

Momos delight- I am a big fan of momos myself. Love the steam mouthwatering eatable bundles of delicacy. They serve you burger momos (Burger with momo fillings) and kurkure momos. Go on, get out there and taste it yourself.

G.D’s: this joint serves up burgers and grills. Ask for Uranus- the grilled boneless fish fillet. Those with a sweet and spicy tooth should absolutely taste Neptune- its chicken, chocolates and nuts and cheese. The most loved thing about places to visit at night in Hyderabad is the crowd and food. A great combination of crowd making the ambience great and food that satisfies the soul.Night Hangouts in Hyderabad

Cream stone concepts: What can go wrong over ice creams? Absolutely nothing! Cream stone at Gachibowli is open till 1.30 am. Try out willy wonka and flavors crafted by Ben Ungermann- the master chef runner up.

Ram Ki Bandi: No it’s not a temple. It’s the famous Ram ki bandi. This Ram serves up delicious dosas of various fillings. You will find this bandi near Karachi bakery, Nampally. The menu served up by this joint has paneer, cheese, and egg and aloo masala as hot favouraites. To quench your thrist,
there is also a goli soda bandi also by his side at times, or an ice cream wala to cool the heat. It’s always crowded by the youth crowd who live around the area and one of the most famous places to visit at night in Hyderabad.

Chocolate Room: Imagine walls, roofs and floors made up of chocolate. Well practically you won’t be able move as your foot will stick hence the chocolate room is not made up of chocolate – but the food has lots of chocolate in it. The most famous chocolate dish that almost all rave
about is the chocolate avalanche. The place has a nice ambience to it and you just feel like relaxing with your feet up (on the table or something). For chocolate lovers this is one amongst the places to visit at  late night in Hyderabad

Heart cup coffee: The menu has loads to boast about. Karaoke is the favorite thing to do here. They serve up a good prawn cocktail. It’s has a garden bistro and state-of-the art decoration. A famous nightspot amongst the young, this place has a vibrant vibe. So, here’s it folk, a short list of places to visit at night in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is safe compared to most others cities. Yet, safeties first and always keep some one informed about when you go out. Hope now this article will give you a reason to step out at night.


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